Hot Off the Cyber Presses: Wildcat Connections 9/30-10/5

1 Oct

We are heading into our sixth week of the school year! How is it going so far? If you are finding homework and exams to be just about the only things that shake up your routine, you may be falling victim to academic boredom. DUN DUN DUUUN. This week, Wildcat Connections takes a look at how to spice up your life!

One of the best things you can do for your stress level is to step outside of the classroom and have some fun! Wildcat Connections is full of great tips and tricks to stave off the academic boredom and stay focused. Click on the picture above and explore what your campus has to offer.

If you need a little inspiration for the week, here is a video that inspires us.

–SAO Facilitators


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