Your Spring Prep Checklist

5 Jan

We welcome winter with open arms, but spring will be here before you know it! 

Some of us don’t just check-out of our school mentality during January…we pack our bags, grab our coat, and MOVE OUT. However, come Spring semester, we’re frantically looking in the mirror demanding,  “WHY DID I NOT DO THIS OVER WINTER BREAK…” 

There’s nothing worse than starting the semester unprepared. 

If you don’t want your first week back to be a flustered mess of scrambling to get textbooks (now at full price), dumping out your backpack (that you haven’t touched since fall), and wandering aimlessly around campus on your first day, then follow this Spring Prep Check!

Check Your Catmail

  • Yes. Even though you’re on break, you could be getting important emails! This is especially true for the couple of weeks before classes start as instructors are introducing themselves and warning you about first assignments!

Check UAccess

Check D2L

  • Check for syllabi being posted throughout the break! Start reading what each of your courses will expect from you next semester, the grading scale, and what materials you will need. Download them or print them–keep ’em handy!
  • Also, similar to checking your Catmail, instructors could be posting assignments that are due the first week of school!
  • Check for course changes and updates! Times, locations, and even instructors could be shuffled around before classes start. Don’t let it be a surprise!

Pre-Order Your Textbooks

  • It’s likely your booklist is already posted! Go through UAccess by clicking on “booklist” under the “Academics” section. It will link you to the UAbookstore so that you can pre-order your textbooks for next semester!
  • You want to do this early so that you can get your hands on used copies of expensive textbooks! If you wait too long, you’ll be stuck with brand-spankin’ new (and full-priced) books.

Spring Clean for a Fresh Start

  • You know how your backpack starts to reflect the level of stress in your life? No need to take last year’s mess with you into the new semester!
  •  Clean out those random papers  and an old syllabi that got crushed in the bottom. Throw away empty gum wrappers, and organize which notes you want to keep, and which you never want to see again!
  • This goes for your room, your desk, and even your car*!

Take Inventory of Your School Supplies

  • Now that you’ve thrown out those old notebooks, empty pens, and dried out highlighters, now you need to replace them!
  • Make sure you’re not scrambling for a pencil the first week, and stock up on the supplies you know you’ll need throughout the semester!

Map Out Your Route

  • The University of Arizona is a big place. There are hundreds of classrooms and auditoriums around campus, and it’s likely you’ll be entering ones unfamiliar to you next semester. Make sure you know where they are!
  • Check out the campus map to locate which buildings your classes are in. Also, take a quick tour on foot before classes start so you know exactly where you are going.

Meet with Your Advisor*

  • If you made changes to your schedule or never got around to seeing your advisor in the fall, make an appointment before classes start!
  • Changing your major? Check with your new advisor to make sure your current schedule works with your new degree requirements.
  • *Advisors are available before the semester starts! Email or call the department to check your advisor’s availability.

File Your GRO request*

  • Are you retaking a class? Make sure you complete the GRO Request Form (available January 15th) before February 11th (the filing deadline).

Know your Move-In Date*

And of course…Check Wildcat Connections!

  • Your Outreach Facilitators will continue to send you  newsletters throughout the break, so keep an eye out for our newsletter, blogs, posts, tweets, and pins for important dates and deadlines!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!
                                                                                                                                   [*] If applicable to you.

Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Follow these simple Prep Checks before next semester and you’ll be calm, cool, and collected for spring. It’s nice to start out fresh, so do yourself a favor and start strong!

–Franny Caputa

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