Started From 2013 and Now I am Here!

17 Jan

Sometimes the most significant moments in our lives can go unnoticed or unrecognized until we take a few minutes to truly look back at them. As I reflected on 2013, I  remembered three small, but meaningful moments last year that really made a difference in my life. I wanted to share these moments with you, and the meaning that it brought to my year in 2013, in hopes that you’ll consider your own accomplishments, and how you’ve learned from them.

1)   Finishing a year’s worth of hard work and dedication in my position as Wildnights Director through ASUA’s Wildcat Events Board I successfully planned and executed four events for the student body each semester with the help of a wonderful committee. This position gave me leadership experience, new friendships, and event-planning experience.


2)   Being accepted into Chain Gang Junior Honorary. This honorary became my family throughout the summer and fall semester of junior year. It gave me 35 best friends, and memories that I will cherish forever. These memories include homecoming traditions, philanthropic events, and social events. These are people that I know will always be a part of my life.


3)   Traveling to a different state all by myself. I traveled to Washington DC to meet a friend this past summer. This was the first time that I had flown and traveled without my family. This trip made me realize that I am growing up, and that time is precious. I had an awesome vacation and got to see all the beautiful landmarks in Washington DC, and since then, I have been on three more vacations by myself.


These small moments in 2013 really taught me something about myself and about this wonderful life that I am living. I think that it is important to appreciate the small things in life because they add up to something special.

What were your three most special moments during 2013? Tweet us at @WildcatConnect. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

— Jocelin Calcagno

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