Nugent Q&A: Refocusing for Spring Semester

27 Jan

Welcome back WILDCATS! The entire Outreach Facilitator family missed you! If last semester didn’t go as planned, IT’S OKAY! We all fall down, BUT Wildcats get up, dust themselves off, and Bear Down! Outreach Facilitators are here whenever you have questions or need someone to talk to. Also, keep on opening those Wildcat Connections emails you get every Monday. We work hard to ensure that when you need to know, Wildcat Connections is where to go!

While we enjoy the time between semesters it can sometimes be hard to refocus and start framing the new semester. We decided to ask a few of our colleagues in the Nugent Building (where you can come visit us) what they do to get the ball rolling.

Here’s what they said:

Tori Morris

Tori Morris is senior studying philosophy, politics, economics, and law and is a Peer Advisor for Pathway to Academic Student Success.

To refocus, Tori gets back into a routine and makes goals for the weekend so she doesn’t get behind. She also loves to study at her favorite coffee places in Tucson, like Café Luce, Raging Sage, and Café Passe.

Veronica Atondo

Veronica Atondo is a senior studying psychology and minoring in education and Spanish and is one of our Outreach Facilitators.

To refocus, Veronica likes to write inspirational quotes in her planner to keep motivated throughout the semester.

Alex Estrella

Alex Estrella is junior studying education and is a Peer Advisor for Pathway to Academic Student Success.

To refocus, Alex creates a balanced schedule for school and work.  He prioritizes his health by eating right and scheduling in workouts.

What are some ways you are refocusing for the new semester? Tweet us your ideas @WildcatConnect #SpringRefocus

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