Embrace CHANGE, learn from it, love it, and let it be!

3 Feb

Halfway through my third year of college. Where did time go? I feel I have misplaced it and perhaps if I search for it, I will once again find it. The journey of a college student might as well be a ride at an amusement park. A year-round ride that changes with the seasons without consideration of the importance of time. This ride brings the highest highs and the lowest lows.


I by no means want to make this sound depressing. In actuality, it really isn’t. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and I simply wish to reflect and share.

Coming into the UA, I had a fairly good idea of how I wanted my life to play out. I thought I had it all figured out. I was comfortable. As I cycled through the semesters, I realized more and more that I had fixed myself on a future plan that was comfortable and safe. Nothing about the way I was preparing myself was exciting. Nothing about what I was currently doing was satisfying or challenging. I felt uncomfortable with being comfortable.

In realizing this, I started changing my outlook on life little by little. Try something new here; do something random there…simple changes. However, it wasn’t until recently that I made an enormous breakthrough! I changed my plan of action going from the medical school route to graduate school preparation. I declared a minor in economics, a field I would have never imagined myself interested in. I pursued experiences that made me happier and sparked the way I viewed life. In the process, I lost relationships and repeated “mistakes,” but I have no regret about changing a life that I wasn’t fully taking advantage of.

Why am I telling you this? It might be a combination of wanting to vent (honestly), but it’s mostly me trying to let you know: CHANGE IS GOOD! CHANGE IS NOT TO BE FEARED! EMBRACE CHANGE! LEARN FROM IT, LOVE IT, AND LET IT BE!


If you have your life figured out and you’re happy with that plan, by all means make the most of it. I am not saying that you must change drastically or even minimally while you are here to mark your life as worthy. Of course not! But if you aren’t happy with something, don’t allow yourself to continue on with it. If change knocks at your door, don’t be afraid to open it and let it in. All change is a learning experience and life essentially can be seen as a measurement of experiences.

Know that college is a prime time to try new things, make new memories, be who you want to be, and even if in the process you make “mistakes,” it’s okay. You develop from such experiences and really get to know who you truly are, not who you should be to fit someone else’s desired image of you.


My friend once told me: “when you are uncomfortable, that is when you are truly living.” His words have resonated with me over the last couple of months. Discomfort is commonly not an acceptable emotion for the human condition, but it influences you to expand yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Whether you choose comfort or discomfort, make sure you are truly happy with that choice. Make sure, when you look back at your college years, you think: “damn, those were the best experiences that I without a doubt would do over again!”. Make sure to do what makes you happy without exceptions! And if change presents itself to you, don’t turn it away. Invite it in and learn from it.

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 8.30.56 AM

                                                                                                              -Lucero Pesqueira


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