Roommate Drama? Set Rules!

23 Feb

Living with someone can be extremely difficult. Everyone’s personality is different, and oftentimes, people are used to the way their childhood homes were run. Personally, I never wanted to live in the dorms; I shared a room with my two sisters all of my life; I wanted space to myself. Although I don’t have to share my bathroom or my bedroom (Yay for Vero!), I do have to share the living room, kitchen, and laundry room. This, too, can cause serious issues!


We didn’t want it to get to this point! We agreed to have weekly meetings where we would discuss issues that were going on around the house, as well as a set time we would spend together to not drift apart!

The Living Room

At first, the living room was the perfect place for all of us to have some time to spend together. We would watch our novelas, have study nights, and our monthly movie-thon. When you first live with you roommates nothing seems to go wrong, mainly because you just moved out of your parents’ house.

At first its a lot like this!

At first its a lot like this! Don’t forget the sharing clothes! (:

But eventually, everyone started leaving their things scattered around, and the living room became a huge mess.


My living room is clean now, but this is often what you would find coming into my apartment!

Initiating regular roommate meetings made it easier for us to talk about the things that were bothering us without feeling like anyone was going to get mad, or that we were stepping on anyone’s toes. It also made us realize that a lot of us had the same concerns and made it easier to fix them.

The Kitchen

This is probably the one thing that we still struggle on. Sometimes, when you cook, you just want to eat and forget that you got so many dishes dirty!


Welcome to Casa de la Vero and the dirty dishes that house there!

At least that’s the case with me, but having a clean kitchen is something that is extremely important to all of us. One of the rules that we made was if you dirty the dishes, you have two days to clean them! This way it gives you time to be lazy, but also you have to get it done before anything gets too nasty. So far, this system seems to be working fine. Because we all know there is a chef inside all of us…


Where the struggle really starts is when two of us are trying to cook at the same time. There is only so much counter space and so many burners we can use. There is really no fixing this because it’s not like we can say, you can’t cook tonight. We try to be as patient as we can, although sometimes we could be a little more patient.

The Laundry Room

This is the one thing that really was the easiest to fix! There are four roommates. We each have an assigned day of the week that we get to do our laundry. This helps facilitate two people wanting to wash at the same time, as well as people having to take another roommates’ stuff out of either the washer or the dryer. It has been the least controversial of the three.

Things can get even more complicated when you are sharing a home, but setting simple rules that everyone can agree on makes everything so much easier. Knowing that you can stop any drama before it starts, and have an environment that you want to go to at the end of the day, is something that is important for everyone’s health. Don’t overcomplicate things and wait until you are ready to explode. Talk to your roommate before things get any worse! You can even make this a challenge for yourself through our #FearlessFebruary challenge.

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