Battling Stress with #FearlessFebruary

28 Feb

Midterms, quizzes, essays, lab reports, applications… the work seems never-ending.  The past few weeks especially have been a struggle for me, it seems professors really like to schedule exams and essay due dates in the same week.  Long nights at the library and fifteen plus hours on campus have become the norm for me this semester.


However, as college students, it’s important we balance out our lives accordingly between work and play.  While it is important to stay on top studying and homework, it’s just as important to relax and take some time for yourself.  And what better way to do this than with #FearlessFebruary?!  #FearlessFebruary is all about taking the leap into a new adventure.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be daring and life-threatening, (our Outreach Facilitators Jocy and Adi went skydiving!) it just has to be something you normally would not do.  It’s time to de-stress, Wildcats, and embrace #FearlessFebruary!


I was getting way too overwhelmed with schoolwork and needed some breathing room, so I decided to embrace #FearlessFebruary by learning how to throw an axe at the Renaissance Fair.  What better way to release stress than by throwing a heavy object as hard and as far as you possibly can?

The man instructing me at the Renaissance Fair was very helpful and taught me how step into the throw and use that momentum to make the axe go farther.  Instead of throwing with just my right arm, I was instructed to cheat a little and use the strength of both arms to throw the axe from behind my head and into my target.  So with these techniques and the encouragement of my cheering friends, I stepped up to the platform and learned how to throw this medieval weapon.  The result looked a little something like this:


Just kidding, I didn’t look as cool as this Viking guy, I actually looked a little dorky. But hey, I’m a short Asian girl and that axe was heavier than it looks!  The first couple axes I threw went straight into the ground:


Out of the eight axes I threw, one actually hit my target.  Nonetheless, it was fun to learn an exciting new skill.  However, my Renaissance Fair adventures didn’t stop there.  Throughout the day I spent over forty dollars on delicious food and scrumptious sweets (no shame).  I tried everything the Fair had to offer from savory bacon crepes to oversized brownie sundaes.  I also attended the various events such as a jousting competition and a “fire eating” show.  One of my favorite parts of the day was when I encountered these little guys:

photo 1

These were the two cutest baby sheep I had ever seen.  It was adorable to watch them follow their mother around and drink water from the pail.

Overall, the Renaissance Festival and axe throwing were the best stress relievers I’ve had this semester.   It was good, for the sake of my sanity, that I took a break from the hustle and bustle of school and took time for myself.  So go out into the world, my fellow Wildcats, and experience something new!  Even though it may be March now, when faced with something you normally would not do, remember #FearlessFebruary!

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