9 Days of Staycation Fun!

7 Mar

This spring break, I’m staying in Tucson. I was a little bummed at first. But, now I see that it’s more of a chance for me to relax, explore Tucson, and not have to worry about travel stress! I’m not sure I’ll get to all of these, but here is a plan for 9 days of Tucson fun!


Saturday, March 15
Kick off your spring break with some St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Yep, you know, that holiday every celebrates, but no one knows why (but now you can!). There’s a free parade and festival at Armory Park , starting at 10am! Don’t forget to wear green!


Sunday, March 16
Have you been wondering what all those white tents out on the UA mall are for? It’s for one of U of A’s biggest spring break traditions – The Tucson Festival of Books! You can volunteer to help out at the event, or just go for the day and enjoy yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of your favorite authors and feast on festival food! Some of the authors you can meet include  Luis Alberto Urrea, Sandra Day O’Connor, and R.L. Stine! The festival is open March 15 & 16 from 9:30am – 5:30pm.


Monday, March 17
Head to the Tucson Botanical Gardens for “Butterfly Magic at the Gardens.” It’s a seasonal event that’s only here for a short time! Get up close to the butterflies (you may even have some land on you!) and explore the beautiful plants around you! This is a fairly low-cost option – entry into the Botanical Gardens is only $12 for students!


Tuesday, March 18
Make a day of it, and head to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and Old Tucson! These two Tucson attractions are a bit out of the way, but they’re both fantastic! Whether you’re new to the area or a Tucson native, the Desert Museum is a great place to learn about our home! It’s got the components of the zoo, with live animals, and a museum, with tons of information about the plants and animals. Admission is $19.50. Old Tucson is a western film studio/theme park celebrating 75 years in Tucson! There are tons of fun exhibits, shows, and even rides! Also come back in October to see the whole town as “Nightfall” for Halloween! Admission is $16.95. You’re not really a Tucsonan until you have been to these two landmarks!


Wednesday, March 19
Do Nothing Day! It’s important to relax, read books, play video games for at least part of your vacation. You can go see a movie in the cheap movie theaters, but it’s really important that you don’t do homework or clean anything for a day. You’ve worked hard. You deserve it.


Thursday, March 20
Do Things Day! Make up for the well-deserved laziness from the previous day by getting things done. Do any homework you can, clean out your closet, do whatever tasks you need to get done all in one day. (It’ll be rough – but then you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the break!)


Friday, March 21
Visit the zoo and go on picnic at Reid Park! Take a friend or someone special and have a wonderful day out and about. There’s an amazing new elephant exhibit, so make sure you don’t miss out!


Saturday, March 22
Okay, so this one is a bit outside of Tucson, but not too much of a drive! Take some lads and lasses and harken on back to ye olde festival grounds for the Arizona Renaissance Festival! Again, tons of food (I really like to eat!). Watch the shows, buy the things, play the games. You can be fearless like Kaelyn and try your hand at throwing axes (or ninja stars, if that’s your thing).


Sunday, March 23
Explore the beautiful scenery around us with a nice hike – Tucson is full of AMAZING trails! Here are a few to start with:

  • Mt. Lemmon Meadow Loop: This easy 1.5 mile loop among Mt. Lemmon’s pine trees offers wonderful views of Tucson and Oro Valley and features views of an active lookout tower!
  • Sabino Canyon Trail: Easily accessible from the city’s northeast side, the Sabino Canyon Recreation area is one of the most visited outdoor sites in Tucson. This 8 mile trail will accommodate everyone, from the most experienced trail-blazer to the a newbie nature-enthusiast.
  • Ventana Canyon Trail: This is a challenging 6.4 mile hike that begins at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, follows a rugged, steep trail up Ventana Canyon, and ends at a spectacular rock arch at the top of a peak.
  • Southern Arizona Trails: Discover AZ has a great interactive page to find trails all around Southern Arizona, and you can read safety tips to make sure your adventures are fun AND safe!


Remember to have fun! Don’t mope just because you’re not jetting off to Paris or Cancun. No matter what your spring break plans are, your number one priority is to stay safe and have fun!



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