A Walk With Wildcats

13 Mar

Each student steps onto the University of Arizona campus with unique experiences and perspectives. We took this idea and decided to challenge ourselves. We wanted to know what being a Wildcat means for each of us. Instead of writing a traditional blog, we decided that a picture is worth one thousand words and certainly more than any blog could capture. We set out across campus to take photos of what being a Wildcat means to us. Walk with Wildcats and see how we captured campus.

This is Wildcat Country!

photo-1Wildcats Bear Down for life!

The Wildcat life of a student consists of:

IMAG1041You are here to be a part of something bigger than yourself and that means going to class too!


The Daily Wildcat is the number one student run newspaper in the nation. If you want to put your finger on the pulse of the campus, this is where you go.


The University of Arizona offers opportunities to bridge connections with the Tucson community.


Having a healthy dose of rivalry.

What does Wildcat Country represent?

photo 2

Old Main represents tradition at the University of Arizona and achieving excellence by improving what can be improved.


Centennial Hall is home to UA Presents the premier provider of artistic and cultural events. Not only do they bring big names to campus, but they highlight our fine arts programs and show us the creative side of what is means to be a Wildcat!


Construction and detours are not only present around campus right now as they build the new light rail, but also throughout your college career. Wildacts know how to handle those detours and turn them into opportunity!


What makes us Wildcats is our sense of community and state of unity. We stand together, as an institution, with one goal in mind – to Bear Down!

As Wildcats we:


Being a Wildcat means lending a hand when others are in need. It means not only thinking about yourself, but putting others’ needs before your own.


You know you’re a Wildcat when you start seeing yourself as a representative of the UA. Taking a moment to help out someone who might be lost is not only an act of kindness, but also feels great to welcome others to our campus!


This is what it’s all about!


All hail Arizona and remember to Bear Down.

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