OWLing Summer Fun!

13 Mar


Do you remember your orientation the summer before your freshman year? Do you remember a group of college students guiding you through our fight song? Well… funny story, I was probably one of those college students guiding you through your exciting transition to the University of Arizona.

As a Tucsonan, I have often spent the summer here, and well, if you haven’t spent a summer in Tucson, it’s not fun when it hits the triple digits. Once it hit those triple digits, all you think about is air conditioning. Because of this, I spent every summer inside with the air conditioning on full-blast, not doing much. However, Tucson does have great pool weather for those who like to get their tan on. Have you seen how wonderful the Campus Rec pool is? Still, it never occurred to me that I could actually do something productive in triple-digit weather. All I thought about was sleeping in late, and becoming a couch potato. Who doesn’t like to be a couch potato?

My freshmen year, spring semester, I stumbled across the orientation page one night and saw an ad that said:

                        “Now Hiring Orientation and Welcome Leaders for Summer 2012.”

My first thought was, “Wow! They get paid for that?”  I remembered my orientation leaders having so much fun and enjoying their time with each other. They were also knowledgeable and welcoming, which made me feel right at home. I looked at the application, and basically said, “WHY NOT?” and that’s how it all started.

I got selected to be an Orientation and Welcome Leader for the summer of 2012. I was extremely excited mainly because I was getting paid and earning a bit of cash. However, my experience became much more than just a summer job.

As an Orientation Leader, I learned so much about the University of Arizona, and about the transition students go through their freshman year. It was a privilege to work with a great institution like UA, and to work with incredible supervisors.  I think the most rewarding experience during my summer as an Orientation and Welcome Leader was getting to know my coworkers. They have become a huge part of my college experience. I will always have Orientation to thank for wonderful memories , and for the people that I have in my life because of the opportunities afforded to me.

Here’s a quick peek of the Orientation Leaders, behind the scenes…


It’s always fun to have a photo shoot with Wilbur and Wilma


Excited to meet everyone at 7:00am!


Ready to Bear Down!

Summers don’t have to be boring and uneventful. No matter how high those triple digits get it’s always fun when you have someone suffering the same heat with you. Summer jobs can be a great opportunity to build your resume, and make yourself more marketable. If you get a summer job on campus, you’ll have the chance to interact with professional staff, and develop a professional relationship with campus partners. Also, summer jobs can get you a little extra cash in your pocket – who doesn’t like a little extra cash?

There are different ways to get involved on campus during the summer. You can log in to Wildcat Joblink and look for summer jobs offered here on campus. Also, keep a look out for those listserv sent to your Catmails; they usually have important announcements including summer job opportunities. You can always apply to be an Orientation and Welcome Leader (OWL) for next summer. Keep a look out for those applications towards the spring semester. Overall, summer jobs can be a great experience not only professionally, but also socially. Make your time at UA unforgettable, and remember to always Bear Down!


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