Summer School YAY!

24 Mar

Now, I know that as soon as I recommend taking summer classes many of you are going to…

tumblr_inline_mpzwziGcX31qz4rgpLet’s make an agreement. We’ll all keep an open mind until the end of the blog!

I know that school can get really tiring and annoying, but considering summer school is actually something that can pay off in your future! I first started contemplating the idea after I met with my academic advisor my sophomore year. We mapped out my four-year plan and I was not liking how many units I would have had to take my Senior year. I knew I wanted to further my education and seeing friends go through the process, I knew I needed to take an easier workload those semesters to be able to survive! At that moment I realized that although I was tired of school and definitely needed a break, taking classes would benefit my future more. My brain didn’t like me at that moment in time, in fact I felt it doing this to me…

tumblr_mrli80kGmN1s9cwawo4_250It was at this time though that I knew I had to prepare for what was ahead of me. I asked my advisor for tips on taking classes. I also went to classmates who had taken summer school before and they all gave me different advise.

This is what I took out of it: take classes in pre-session or summer session 1 and take classes that are actually going to interest you! I have a Spanish minor and I still needed to complete some units so I decided to take a Spanish class and another one towards my Psychology major.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. Summer school can be a drag. Monday – Thursday from 9 – 12 was not easy to do! I often had those moments where I just wanted to quit. After much frustration both of my classes were done, and I couldn’t be any happier, I was finally done.

tumblr_inline_mueumhn0ZT1r0qz7tHaving taken the first two sessions still gave me half of July and August to enjoy my summer!

My second time around with summer school was less smooth sailing than the first. I didn’t want to be stuck in class all those days so I decided to take online classes IN THE SAME SESSION. This was by far one of the stupidest mistakes I’ve made while being here. Both classes involved a heavy workload, I had a summer job, and I needed to sleep somewhere in-between. My month of June consisted of:

tumblr_inline_mkwh2ugi1z1qz4rgpBut I had great support from both my teachers, boss, and family! That helped make this “hell month” that much better. Once again I was able to finish and the celebration began!

Many people think that when you take summer classes that that is ALL you will be doing that summer. Truth is, that’s a lie. Summer classes give you the opportunity to get ahead in school (no one said it was easy) and still gives you enough time to enjoy your break! Just DON’T take a class every session or you will be booked the whole summer. As friends told me, I would recommend taking classes that you will enjoy, this way they won’t feel like such a drag. And before finalizing anything make sure you visit your academic advisor and make sure that the classes you are taking are going to help you finish your degree.

Regardless of classes both of my summers were eventful! I got to go to the beach, which is my favorite place in the world with the people that love me the most!



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