How Finding Nemo and Nike Got It Right

28 Mar

Finding Nemo and Nike got it right. They just nailed it is you ask me.

“Just keep swimming” and “just do it”

Bottom line to both… Motivation. It is an easy thing to talk about and an even easier thing to think about, but actually finding it can be hard. We are all faced with decisions in life, many of which seem intimidating or difficult. The way we decide to tackle these decisions and move forward is often driven by motivation.

As you navigate your way through the space and time of college, you will be faced (as I am sure you have already been) with challenges that require a whole lot of moxie and just as much motivation.

I am graduating in May. Not May, next year May. May in a month and a half May. I know that I will be going to law school in the near future, but had to make the tough decision to take some time off of school in order to get everything in order. Making that decision was hard, but knowing what was in front of me after the decision was even harder: job searching while maintaining my grades at a level that would still help me when I applied to law school. I knew that the only thing that would help me land a job and stay focused would be motivation… and I mean a whole lot of it.

I began my job search process (at least the serious part) in January 2014. I was overwhelmed. My resume needed an overhaul… understatement of the century and I needed to get my head into the job search game. I have spent the better part of the last three months editing my resume, re editing the essay, ironing my suit, shirts and pants until the lines were so straight my grandmother would be proud and most of all, I spent those months finding ways to stay motivated.

I traveled all over Arizona to interview, Skyped, called and Facetimed in order to not miss out on any opportunity each time wondering if I could make this the job of my dreams (at least temporarily). It was hard to stay motivated. Some days I just wanted to sleep for another one, half hour or ten minutes, but I made myself get up in the promise that if I put in the hard work now, I would be able to sleep sounder and sleep in once my post graduation plans were set.  So, I got up, repeated the cycle of searching, writing cover letters, submitting my resume and answering questions.

I knew that the U of A was having a job fair in early March and that was where I turned my motivation and focus too. I read up on all the companies, all the mission statements and committed myself (and my memory) to information that I could use in the 5-10 minutes that I would have at the event. My motivation to take the one change I would have to make a good first impression.

Did it work? Was my motivation and drive what it needed to be to land a coveted interview? I will be the first to tell you that it worked and I was offered a few interviews and subsequently multiple job offers. I am no longer unemployed post graduation! Yay!

Motivation is not something that you inherit or get by osmosis. It is something inside of you that you train and work with that shapes your dreams and propels you even when you feel like you can’t keep going. There are a lot of people who will quote famous lines about motivation, but I think Nike and the movie Finding Nemo got it right: Just keep swimming and just do it.


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