Outreach Facilitators “Ten Things We Wish We Knew Freshman Year”

28 Apr

      Freshman year can be a complicated first year for many students for many different reasons. Some of the challenges that first year student’s experience are due to not knowing important resources that help get you through college. There are so many different reasons that range from being a first generation student, to coming from a small town or out-of-state. Transition is a bit difficult for everyone, but the Outreach Facilitators came up with a list of ten things we wished we would have known our freshman year. However, some of these items on the list we still would have liked to know sophomore, junior, and senior year. So, here it goes Wildcats! The first item on our list is…

1.Distribute your Gen Ed’s throughout your four years: 

Sometimes if you’re taking extremely science heavy or math heavy classes all at once, it could get a little difficult to manage. That’s why sometimes (with your academic advisors permission) go ahead and distribute your general education courses evenly throughout your years at UA. This can help you succeed, and be less stressed each semester. However, just remember to always consult with your advisor before making any decisions.

2. Campus Resources:

There are many resources on campus that many students don’t really know about.  I’ll just list a few…

These resources are here for YOU, so take advantage of them. If you have any questions you can always contact your Outreach Facilitator.

3. How to navigate the library: 

Navigating the library can be such a difficult experience, and some students (now seniors) have never used the library because it can be extremely intimidating. But, don’t worry we got you covered. (Check out this blog) to learn how to conquer the library like a true Wildcat.

4. Amount of units to take each semester: 

This might be the most important item on the list. The reason it’s so important to know how many units you need to take each semester is so you are able to graduate in four years. Also, some scholarships at the University of Arizona have a minimum requirement of units to take to be eligible for that specific scholarship. Again, visit your academic advisor for more information about the amount of units you need to graduate in four years.

5. Everyone is equally stressed: 

During the academic year everyone gets stressed, and we all sometimes feel like we’re the only ones. However, the entire Outreach team wants to let you know that you are NOT alone! Our entire team consists of student workers who balance work, school and a variety of activities on campus. We ALL get stressed, and some of the advice we want to give is:

  • Breathe
  • Take a break
  • Eat some delicious snacks, or enjoy a good meal.
  • And Bear Down!  You got this!   

6.  Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO):

GRO is an AWESOME opportunity that the University of Arizona offers. The way GRO works is if you didn’t get the best grade in a class, you have the opportunity to retake the exact same class and have the new grade calculated into your GPA. However, there are some restrictions when GROing a class. You can only GRO a certain amount of units, and you cannot GRO if you have taken a certain number of units. If you have any questions about GRO please visit https://www.registrar.arizona.edu/regtrans/GRO.

7. Financial Aid on UAccess:

Many students don’t know that their financial aid is posted on UAccess, and that it is easier to manage financial aid through UAcccess. For example, you can accept or deny your scholarships on UAccess. Always remember to check UAccess first before contacting the Financial Aid office for simple questions.

8. Start Your Resume Early: 

It’s important to get involved your freshmen year, and throughout your years at the University of Arizona. Networking is KEY! This will allow you to get experience, and build a resume. Resumes are extremely important, so start gaining experience early. If you are completely unsure on how to actually get started on your resume, visit career services they have special advisors who help make your resume look extremely professional. Visit Career Services.

9. Time Management:

Time management is a crucial skill to have not only for your academic career, but also your professional career. There are several tools that the Outreach Facilitators use to keep their time management on point.  Here’s a couple you should try using…

  • Keeping a planner
  • Smart phone apps
  • Lists
  • Sticky Notes on a big calendar
  • Google Calendar 

These techniques may not work for everyone so you have to explore and find the ones that work best for you. 

  10. Know the story of Bear Down:

The story of Bear Down is extremely important because it’s probably the core of the University of Arizona. The phrase Bear Down means a lot of different things to each student, and it’s important to have that Bear Down spirit to get you through finals that are soon approaching. There is a saying that goes a little like this “If you have to ask, you’ll never know” as of NOW your job is to learn the Bear Down story




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