Do What You Love and Love What You Do

5 May

Let me introduce you to my Tuesday/Thursday routine in the last couple of weeks:

6:30am: Wake up, change, eat breakfast FAST… race out the door!








8:00am: Class.

11:00am: Class #3.

12:30pm: Work.

1:30pm: Break? What is break? Right, homework time. Answer emails. Research my future. No break, no break!

2:00pm: Class.

3:30pm: Last class.

5:00pm: Done for the day? No. Still have homework and studying to do.

[At some point I should eat]

11:00pm: I should really stop doing homework and head to bed.

1:00am: I fell asleep on my laptop again. I should get in bed now.










Next morning: Starts all over again.


As a student, life can become a stressful and draining routine if we allow it to. As my schedule above demonstrates, sometimes it can be easy to get so caught up in our role as a student that we do not allow time to be more than just books and homework. Now, I am aware that sometimes making time for activities not academically associated can seem almost impossible and detrimental to our academic well being. However, it is crucial to allow ourselves to prosper in other components of our lives aside from the homework, presentations, tests, and projects we face on a daily.

Even if we wanted to be 24/7 students, breathing and eating class material every minute of the day, this is not the healthiest or most sane option. Remember that we are HUMAN above being students! And this HUMAN component of us needs balance. With that in mind, find what balances you! Feeling balanced keeps you from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and in the verge of losing it! There are a multitude of things out there to do, so go find your balancing agent! Personally, the following activities are what keep me from going insane!



Allowing myself some time to listen to some good jams helps me recollect my brain and rejuvenate my being. A healthy dose of singing along lifts my spirits and awakens me in every possible way!



What better complement to music? I love to dance. I might not be the best dancer, but no one has to know this if I dance in the comfort of my kitchen. For me, dancing has liberating effects. A good dance can liberate my mind and body. It helps me exercise the creativity that sometimes is oppressed by my schoolwork.

Just be careful not to hurt yourself.


Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 8.31.57 AM

Appreciating the beauty around me keeps me grounded and in tune with more than my books and laptop. Knowing that I have all this beauty at the tip of my fingers makes me feel alive and more than a student!

TV Shows:


Guilty as charged. Sometimes we all just need to live in someone else’s world even if for a small amount of time. For me, this does the trick! Sometimes all it takes is a mental shutdown to come back fully charged. Truth be told, my guilty pleasure is The Following.



Whether you love it or not, exercise has a powerful impact on your well being whether it be physically, emotionally and/or mentally. Revamp your system through a healthy dose of movement in whatever form that may take for you. Aside from de-stressing, you are also exercising those limbs that, if you are like me, are constantly inactive during classes and work.



By socialize, I do not mean go find a study group. No! The idea is to take a break, get away from studies that might cause you stress. So what if study groups is all you know? Well, lucky for you the UA has an abundance of different clubs from which to choose from. Find your niche! Or simply go old school and attend an event or location where you know no one and make a friend. This is definitely scary to do, but it can serve as a personal challenge and you might make a best friend.



This is probably the first tool one resorts to during break time or for distraction purposes. The Internet can have some awesome sites to help you get your mind off of that enthalpy work. Explore away here! The possibilities are endless…. Just don’t drift for too long.


Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 8.32.23 AM

This is my most preferred stress reliever! I mean how can it not be? It’s free, expansive, and the most liberating of all. Whether you go out and explore a new hike trail or simply walk among the grass, nature has a calming and recollecting effect about it that anyone can connect with. The variation of the scenery and weather allows anyone to find their perfect fit! Go be one with nature.

As you can see, there exist a million ways to relieve stress. These are my personal favorites that allow me the opportunity to detach myself from the stress and chaos of the forever-ongoing homework I face on a daily. The key to sanity is allowing yourself to do what you love and loving what you do. Find what balances you!


                                                                                                    – Lucero Pesqueira


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