Don’t Kill My Vibe

6 May


A lot of times, we find ourselves in situations that we can’t control. These circumstances can often lead us or the people around us to have a negative output towards life. I know I’ve had my fair share of those moments and learning to overcome them was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished.

We are often surrounded with negativity and we need to figure out how to get it out of our lives. Whether it is taking out negative thoughts or actions from our own minds, or moving away from those people who tend to bring you down. Change is always difficult but it is small actions that can lead you to having the results that you want and need.

positive-quotes-good-sayings-change-yourselfSmall things like changing your thoughts every morning will lead you to having a better day. Because when you surround yourself with positivity it is easier for you to be a happy person in general.

Here are two things that I’ve done in the past that have helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life.

Happiness Jar Project:


I conveniently found this project on my searches through Pinterest! And it’s probably one of the best things I have learned off of that website. The nice thing about this is you can modify it to what you like and need. When I decided to embark on this adventure I decided I needed motivational quotes to get me through the days. I found 365 quotes that really inspired me to do better everyday. I did this for a whole year and I did notice myself engaging in more positive thoughts and overall feeling like a better person (once you’re happy your make others happy as well).

Burning Negative Thoughts:


Before I explain the benefits of this activity I want to throw a small disclaimer… BE CAREFUL! Make sure you do this in open air and have something to put the paper in while its burning. This activity helped me get through a hard point in my life. Again you can tailor this to what you need to throw out both physically and emotionally. Often times people burn pictures of past relationships, letters about all the things they dislike about themselves, or things that just are stressing them out. At the time I did this I had had a horrible gen-ed class that I had gotten a D in, just gone through the loss of a family member, and was feeling too negative about myself. I burned the class book and all of my notes, I wrote a letter to my grandfather and burned that, and I wrote a letter about all the things I had to work on myself and also burned that. The most rewarding was the book!

One of the best lessons that I’ve learned while working as your Outreach Facilitator is FAKE IT ‘TILL YOU MAKE IT!

This will literally work in any situation. I think it’s important to remember that life will always have challenges, but we always come out a better person! Get those negative thoughts or people out of your life and you will notice that happiness will just come to you!



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