Don’t Be a Wreck, Just Leave a Check! ✔

22 Aug

Your first semester of college is starting and you are freaking out!  Between buying textbooks and keeping track of assignments, the first week of class can be hectic and overwhelming.  With all of the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to become forgetful or lose track of things.  Don’t stress though, just follow this back-to-school checklist so you can walk into class feeling fresh and prepared.

IMG_6149☐  Create sticky note reminders – Stock up on Post-it notes because they’re going to become your new best friend!   With so many assignments and to-do lists floating around, do not rely on memory alone to keep everything in mind.  For example, write down the remaining tasks off this list on individual sticky notes, then throw each one away as you complete them!





☐  Circle the buildings of all your classes on a map – Avoid having everyone stare at you as you walk in late to your first class by knowing where each classroom is before school starts.  Print out a map of campus, circle the buildings you’ll need to go to, then do a walk through of campus to find each building.





☐  Check D2LLook over D2L the night before in case the professor posted any early assignments like a syllabus quiz.  It’s always good to start the year ahead rather than behind. (That’s me checking my D2L before school starts!)






☐  Buy textbooks – The UA Bookstore is the most convenient place to buy textbooks.  They are also the cheapest because they will price match any textbook retailer (including with their Lowest Price Guarantee.  Don’t wait to buy until the last minute because the Bookstore does run out of textbooks.  A back-ordered textbook is no good when you need it for an assignment!




 Buy a planner – Just like sticky notes, a daily planner will help you remember tasks and keep you organized. You can currently purchase one for $8.99 at the Bookstore.






☐  Add money to your Meal Plan – Unless you plan on bringing your lunch everyday, you’ll need some type of Meal Plan on campus.  Having a Meal Plan saves you sales tax and 5% off each purchase. You can either get a Wildcat Meal Plan or a Commuter Meal Plan. The Meal Plans office is located in the SUMC (Student Union Memorial Center) Business Center.





☐  Tab your binder – (And if you don’t have a binder yet, get one!) Organization is key in college, so be sure all of your papers are in order with binder tabs for each class.






 Print out your schedule – Whether you print out your schedule on paper or screenshot it on your phone, it’s important to always have your schedule handy throughout the day.  Going through UAccess each time to see which class is next will get annoying real fast. It is also handy to color code your classes so you can easily see which lectures fits with each discussion or lab.






☐  Write down office hours – Professors’ office hours can be found on their syllabus through D2L. It’s important to attend these hours so you can establish a relationship with your professor and receive extra help if needed.






☐  Write down academic adviser information – Your academic adviser is a powerful resource, so make sure to know their name, email, office location, and office hours.  Keep this information in your binder for easy access. Your adviser’s information can be found on UAccess on the right hand column.






☐  Stock up on pencils, pens, and paper – There always seems to be that one annoying person in class who constantly asks to borrow a pencil or piece of paper.  Don’t be that person!  Bring plenty of each to class everyday.






☐  Don’t forget your water bottle! – Stepping outside during summer sometimes feels like stepping into an oven.  Staying hydrated is essential if you want to be on top of your game.  Don’t leave the house without a water bottle! (I, myself, have bit of an obsession with water bottles.)




Hopefully this checklist has eased any worries about starting the semester, and has left you feeling prepared and ready to conquer your classes. Just remember to stay organized and use your resources! And know, one can never have too many sticky notes.


 – Kaelyn


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