Tame those Beastly Nerves

25 Aug

Here they come. Those nerves. The beastly nerves. One week before classes start and you start to feel the butterflies that are quickly turning your stomach around. How can it be you ask? Simple. Classes are coming and well I am sorry to inform you my friend, but you got the nerves. Know that you are not alone. A good chunk of students experience some form of discomfort before classes start. Whether the discomfort takes form in over excitement, nervousness,or sleepiness (for some of you) there are always ways to tame those negative feelings.sleepyAlright in order to tame the beast you must know what the beast is.

Ask yourself: what is your beast?


kitty Personally, my beast takes form in nervousness. It is not a  beast of an issue, but it does well in keeping me preoccupied mentally a couple of days prior to the start of classes.

There is no wrong way to tame this beast. There is, however, my way. This may work for you or it may not.

A massive contributor to my nervousness comes from the idea of not being well prepared for the first day. This definitely has the ability to make or break my mood when it comes down to my outlook of the beginning of the semester. This, also, is a quick fix. How do you fix being under prepared or poorly prepared? Simple: prepare adequately! And how do I prepare adequately you ask? Simple again: I reference my syllabi and professors’ emails. Most of the time these sources will provide me with an idea of what you need for the class whether it is a textbook or calculator.

Also, buying the necessary materials is crucial before school starts for two reasons: 1) being prepared with notebooks, pencils, and the like and 2) there is still things left for sale. From prior experience, it seems that after school starts everyone is out to buy materials. Now in terms of textbooks, you will have a list of required as well as recommended books under your booklist tab on UAccess. Use this resource. It is very helpful and you can even go buy the textbooks even before classes start officially.

So I am prepared now…no more nerves right? Wrong. I still feel myself nervous about the teacher. What will he/she be like? How will they teach? What will they think of me?!


I think to myself calm down. This too is an easy fix. A couple of things can be done to tame this issue. First possibility: contact the professor directly and see what she/he is all about. Introduce yourself and let them know what you are all about, in a professional manner of course. Do not want to make that move? No worries. Ask around. Talk to previous students, former TAs or preceptors, any one who can get you the details on this professor of yours. Do your research!

Ok, so two things out of the way. I am cool now right? Almost, but not quite. Last thing to take care of: knowing where my classes are. Once again, I know this has an easy fix, but my nervous system will not cool off. For some reason, it insists on making my life more intense than it needs to be. Anyways, two possible fixes to this problem: map out the locations before your first day of classes or carry a handy dandy map with you. I know that during orientation everyone received a calendar with a map on the back, make use of it! Knowing the locations of every class helps me feel less stressed about the possibility of getting to class late or getting lost.


That is my beast my friends and some ways I try to annihilate it! Whatever your beast is learn from it and do not let it get to you. With that said, happy first day of classes! BEAR DOWN.



Lucero Pesqueira




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