Eager Beaver: How Much Effort is too Much?

29 Aug

Here we are, the second week of class and you’re beginning to get a feel for your classes. But are you really? A common mistake first year students make is taking too much stuff to class. These Eager Beavers are known for being far too overprepared for class. I did this myself my first year in college.

eager beaver

Everything in my backpack had a purpose; what if someone needed to use my stapler or worse, what if I forgot to staple my math homework together? Somehow, the world was going to end if I did not have my stapler with me. I often found myself making excuses like this to carry around basically my entire stock of school supplies until one fateful day I forgot my stapler in my dorm! I was already late for class and there was no way I could turn around and get it so I went to class stapler-less and… everything was fine.

It turned out that I was taking all of this unnecessary stuff to class because I was still nervous about being in college. I knew what would happen if I wasn’t prepared. I saw Legally Blonde, I did not want to get thrown out of class! It turns out that 1) teachers aren’t nearly as scary as the ones portrayed in the movies, and 2) if I stopped worrying about having every pen I own in my backpack (just in case the entire class needed one) that I would be a lot more comfortable in my skin and at the university.

                                                                          Legally Blonde Gif

Now, I am not saying that you should come to class unprepared. But there’s a fine line – you don’t need to be prepared for everyone else! You should have a notebook for the classes you have that day, 2-3 pens and pencils, maybe a highlighter, a schedule of your classes, some gum, reading materials you need for the day, and of course, the staple of any desert dweller, water.

       eager beaver 5                                                              


So take a page out of my book: the world will not end if you don’t have a hole punch, no one will hate you for not bringing a pencil sharpener to class, and your back will thank you for not carrying around 60 pounds of paper with you wherever you go!

Just relax, be yourself and know everything will be okay.


                                                                            eager beaver 2


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