How to be “Ready” like Spongebob

29 Aug

Have you ever admired Spongebob for always being prepared for the day? I know I have! It’s understandable if by this point you still don’t have the hang of things. Just take a second and BREATHE! You’ll get there, you just need a little help. Here are some tried and true steps that were passed down to me, and now I’ll share them with you!

1. Introduce yourself to your instructors:

Although it seems scary and ultimately intimidating, it’s a crucial step towards preparedness. Even a simple hello before class will help your instructors recognize you. They may not remember your name yet, but then again, if I had 300 students, I might be a bit forgetful too. That’s okay though! The goal here is to let your instructors know that you care about your grades. Matching a name to a face comes later!

2. Sit at the front:

You might be thinking, “teacher’s pet,” but it’s not like that in college! While attending boating school, Spongebob always sits in the front row in order to be more attentive. Sitting in the front allows you to engage yourself more in class and limits distractions. Students who sit in the back tend to be more talkative and disconnected from the class. I had a TA once tell me that students who sit in the front always get good grades. I didn’t want to believe it but, my first year told me otherwise.

spongebob boat school

3. Make friends in class

You’ll have a day (or a few) when your alarm clock doesn’t go off. You rush to class and you’re late. You can’t very well ask the instructor to just repeat everything again. Instead, you can ask a buddy after class to pass you the notes! Shocker! This step is very important because it’s good to know that someone has your back. Making friends in class allows you to have study groups before big exams, additional help on a topic you were confused about during class, and someone to share knowledge with. Don’t be afraid to exchange numbers!

boat buddies

4. Go to office hours

You might have heard this one over and over but, I can’t stress how utterly important this step is. If all the other steps I mentioned are baby steps, this one is a leap! When I first visited a professor during office hours, I thought to myself, “This is going to be awkward! I’m probably going to be the only one there! What if he/she thinks my question is inarticulate?!” Truth be told, it was nothing like that. There were several other students present, he was very friendly, and I left utterly content with how much help I had received. Also, going helps your instructor recognize you better. Suddenly, those simple hellos from step one are even more beneficial!


*Be a good noodle like Spongebob and go to office hours!

5. BREATHE!breathing gif

If you go back and watch any episode where Spongebob enthusiastically yells, “I’m ready!” he takes in a deep breath right before! If you at any point in time feel like any of the following: upset, fed up, nervous, angry, irritated, and/or about to EXPLODE! Stop for a second…and breathe! This last step allows you to compose yourself. It’s important to realize that you are not the only one having a rough day, we have all been there and miraculously survived it. You will survive! Next time you’re sitting in class and you start to wonder why the heck you even rolled out of bed, ask yourself, “What would Spongebob do?” and I promise you’ll have the best day ever!


best day ever
– Becky Mojardin


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