What We Really Do

5 Sep


“What we really do” is a difficult concept to pin down because, despite our shared Wildcat status, we are all different people with unique goals and aspirations. To further complicate matters, college is a world apart from the educational experiences that come before it. Nonetheless, there are many tips and tricks that can improve your chances of success in college and allow you to begin deconstructing some of the misconceptions you may have about what university life is like.

1. Pay Attention in Class

It’s not possible to overstate the importance of rising up to the academic challenge. Paying attention is your first line of defense against falling behind in class and missing information that is vital to your success. Some classes last for only 50 minutes while others seem to drag on so long that you begin to forget what the outside world is like. Whatever the situation, try to focus on both your professor’s teachings and any activities that you’ve been assigned. If I had a nickel for every time that I’ve heard a professor utter the phrase “This will be on the test” without an iota of inflection, I would have to cash in a lot of nickels.

2. Develop Your Own Schedule and Cherish It

Like most people, you probably developed a schedule that works for you long before starting college. I think that it is safe to assume that we have all been exposed to the media’s portrayal of a “typical college student” who stays up all night and is rarely, if ever, shown studying onscreen. This is misleading because, in reality, students are more likely to function optimally if they lead balanced lives. While responsibilities like work and school are guaranteed to be on the daily agenda, the ideal schedule should also include time set aside to do the things that make you happy. Remember that your time is valuable and that there is no shame in being particular about how you spend it.


3. Make Friends-Take an Interest in Others!

If you’ve found yourself even the slightest bit overwhelmed by the expectations of college, please know that you are not the only one who is feeling the strain. Everyone from your friends and roommate(s) to your professors has both positive and negative experiences to share about school. Sincerely reaching out to others and establishing genuine and healthy relationships with them is well worth your time. While high school social lives are often clique-y, these restrictions tend to loosen their grip in college. Many of the conversations that I’ve had with random strangers in class have resulted in my having wonderful friends today.

4. Bear Down

I know that this sounds incredibly cheesy, but when the going gets tough, the tough Bear Down. When life isn’t going as smoothly as you would like it to, having a “Bear Down” mentality can be what gets you through the day and ultimately the semester. When you make the concerted effort to Bear Down, you are making the decision to give it your all.

Wildcats are the kind of people who work hard, stay true to themselves, and try to positively impact the world around them. Should you encounter difficulties in any of these areas, as we all do at some point, the ASA Peer Mentors at Wildcat Connections are always here to help you get back on track.


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