5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

6 Oct

Procrastination: the art of putting off something you need to do at a later time and regretting it. We’ve all done it at one point, right? Now that you’re in college, it’s especially harder to get work done when you are right in the middle of a jackpot of distractions. You know that you have a lot to do, so why do we do it to ourselves time and time again? It might be that you need to change your methods. Here are some tips of what you can do to stop procrastinating.

1. Limit your time on distracting activities. Maybe you just got out of an exam and you need a way to clear your mind before getting down to business. There’s nothing wrong with that, but spending too much time watching Netflix, scrolling through your Twitter feed, or SnapChat-ing your bae can deter you from being productive if you have another exam you have to worry about, or a paper you have due the next day. You can prevent this by setting your limits. Maybe watch ONE episode of your show, or allow yourself time for one hour to spend on social media.

2. Make sure you stick to your commitments to limit yourself! Saying you are going to stop watching Netflix is one thing, but actually doing it is another. One way to help keep you on track is to download a plugin that only allows you to be on a certain website for a limited time -a good one to use is “StayFocusd.” It’s an extension for Chrome that gives you a set amount of time to be on a website and then blocks you from using it for the rest of the day. You can also tell your roommate or any person that is around you to take your phone away or make sure you get off the website at the time you set for you to start working.

3. Create a realistic list of things you need to get done. Writing a list helps organize your thoughts and also should help you prioritize your workload. Additionally, making sure it is manageable is key; just making a list doesn’t accomplish anything if you aren’t able to cross things off your list. However, with that being said, don’t limit yourself to just writing down a few things just so that you can go back to that last episode on Netflix.

4. Set goals for yourself and meet them so you can reward yourself. A goal and reward system makes completing a lot of tasks a lot easier. It’s okay to take breaks, but make sure you actually get work done before you reward yourself to some time on your phone or social media.

5. Find a suitable working environment. Sometimes working from home is hard when you have access to your kitchen, TV, and your bed. You are more tempted to find something to eat or even take a nap. Also, a suitable working environment does not necessarily have to be a specific place; it can also be the type of people you surround yourself with. You might love your friend to pieces, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can live with them. The same works with studying; you might love hanging out with a friend, but that doesn’t mean you will work efficiently when they are around.

Lastly, all of these tips are based off of my experiences, so not all of them might work for you. It’s all about exploring what works best for you. Good luck!


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