Five Tips for Relaxation

6 Oct

As an incoming freshman, when it came to studying, I wasn’t riding the struggle bus. I was driving it. I had a peculiar problem, though. My studying went swimmingly…I had trouble with my study breaks. I didn’t know what to do with that time. I usually spent my study breaks telling myself I’d take a quick, five-minute nap. Next thing I knew, I was waking up three hours later.

Over time, I learned some tips on how to have quick, effective study breaks. I want to share those with you!

1. Eat a Snack


Put the potato chips aside and pick some food with brain power! Nuts, dark chocolate (yes, chocolate!), and apples have been proven to enhance your mental alertness and memory function. Need some ideas for other good study snacks? Click here.

2. Have a Dance Party


If it were up to me, every second of the day would be a dance party, so this is my favorite tip. Studying usually means sitting in one place for a pretty lengthy amount of time, which makes your body tired and consequently makes your brain tired. Pick your favorite song, put in some headphones, and bust a move!

3. Go Outside


Get in touch with nature and go outside. Harvard Medical School completed a study on the effects of being outside and found that by leaving the indoors, your body absorbs Vitamin D, your mood becomes happier and more optimistic, and your concentration will improve. (Extra points if you combine a dance party and go outside like Sandra Bullock).

4. Try a “One Song Workout”


Just like the dance party, doing a one-song workout will wake you up and get you energized. Just Google “One-Song Workout” and a number of different routines will appear to go along with songs from your favorite artists.

5. Watch a Cute Animal Video


As silly as it may seem, watching cat/dog videos is a great way to spend your study break. Study breaks should be a time for you to let your brain relax and do something that will brighten your mood. Just make sure not to fall into the black hole that is YouTube.

Happy studying, Wildcats!



One Response to “Five Tips for Relaxation”

  1. Jessy Shaw June 23, 2015 at 10:03 AM #

    I work two jobs and go to school full time so you can say that my stress level is higher than it probably should be. I really like these tips because they all are fun! They aren’t like “take a deep breath” because we all know that that can only go so far when it comes to stress. I have heard a lot of great things about deep tissue massages, because I mean, massages are pretty fun. I think that I might get one while watching a funny animal video! Thanks for the tips!

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