#StudiousSeptember: Cheaper, Faster Meals During a Busy Schedule

6 Oct

After checking my bank account, I noticed that I have been spending way too much money on food. This can be attributed to the fact that I am more involved in school, I work, and of course, at this time of the semester, I have been swamped with studying for all of my exams. I’m hardly at home to be able to cook meals for myself and have resorted to takeout or fast food, which is not the healthiest of choices. As a result, I have noticed a change in my energy levels and overall physical health.

My challenge for #StudiousSeptember was to learn another way to prepare meals quicker, and within my budget. A friend suggested that I learn to make meals using a crockpot. All you have to do is prep the ingredients, put it in the pot, and leave it on “low” overnight, or even before leaving for school. This was perfect because it does not require very much attention, and it gives me a chance to finally use the crockpot collecting dust in my cabinet. Also, lately, I have been craving this creamy chicken I had when I had dinner with my roommate’s family, so I decided to look up some recipes online.

I stumbled across this “Creamy Mushroom Italian Chicken” recipe (quite a mouthful, I know!) that had positive reviews, so I  decided to try it out. I’m glad I did because it was delicious!


The ingredients for this recipe called for chicken breast (I chose breast tenders because the meat is moist), sliced mushrooms, a packet of Italian dressing, a can of Cream of Chicken, one pouch of cream cheese, and 1/3 cup of water.
Ingredients in Pot


Place the chicken on the bottom of the pot. Mix the Italian dressing with the water. After pouring the dressing mixture over the top of the chicken, the mushrooms can go on the top.

Crockpot Low


The setting of the crockpot should be at low. After 3 hours, mix the cream cheese and cream of chicken together before folding it together. Your meal should be done after another 1-3 hours.

Finished Product

Voila. It can be served over rice or noodles.

I definitely encourage you to try out the recipe for yourself. It’s worth trying to find alternative ways to prepare your meals, especially when you are on a college budget. Chick-fil-a and Panda Express can only take you so far and it’s best to keep in mind that a happy body makes you happier when studying. Cheers to #StudiousSeptember!



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