#StudiousSeptember: Get Dat Booty in Shape!

6 Oct


The Freshman 15.  Those were the three words I dreaded when I first started college.  Luckily, I never actually gained fifteen pounds; my eating and lifestyle habits took a dive for the worst though.  I was never an active person to begin with, but my parents are health nuts so at least I always ate healthy at home. But when you take my lack of physical activity and combine it with the freedom to eat anything I want…you get one lazy, unhealthy girl.  I wish I could say I stopped eating Bagel Talk pizza bagels every night and started working out, but unfortunately it took two years for me to start caring about my body.  So here I am, a junior in college, eating healthy and just now discovering exactly what the Rec Center has to offer.  I bought a group fitness pass, which allows me to take unlimited classes at the Rec for this semester.  So far I’ve tried Spin, PiYo, Zumba, Candlelight Yoga, Power Yoga, and Bosu Blast.  Every class has been a challenge, but I love it.  I go to the Spin class with my roommate, Sarah, which makes things even more fun because everyone needs a workout buddy…


Like Kaelyn, I was lucky to have the genes to avoid the Freshman 15.  My lifestyle habits definitely were worthy of the extra weight gain, however. I ate (not the healthiest options) on campus almost every meal, worked out about once every other week, and never got adequate vitamins and nutrition. Now, as a senior, and after being very sick last semester, I am beginning to realize how essential it is to be healthy as an adult.  This involves overall wellness that I have been focusing time and energy on. After not being able to work out for months because I was so sick last semester, I committed myself to purchasing a Fitness Pass from the Rec Center with Kaelyn.  I wake up early to pack myself lunch (with fruit, protein, and whole grains!) every day.  I only eat about one meal on campus a week and cook everything else myself.  The Spin class with Kaelyn is my favorite!  We motivate each other to get ourselves on track for a healthy adulthood.  It’s scary–yet so true–that if we don’t take care of our bodies, we will see long-term consequences.  The Rec Center classes give us the perfect motivation to stay fit and work towards long-term health and success!  Kaelyn is a very powerful motivator and I am happy to have her with me on my journey to achieving my fitness goals.

What do you do in each class? 

  • Spin – You sweat gallons.



  • Candlelight Yoga – You relax and unwind for the day (but it still kicks your butt).


  • Power Yoga – You try to bend your body in ways you didn’t think possible.


  • Zumba – You shake your booty off.


Sarah and Kaelyn’s Tips for Working Out:

  • Have a workout buddy – Finding the motivation to work out is so much easier if you have someone counting on you to be there


  • Bring water! – Water is essential.


  • Bring a towel – You’ll be grateful for a hand towel when your entire face and body is covered in sweat.


  • Stretch before and after – Stretch before and after working out to avoid physical injury.  It will also help you to be less sore the next day.


  • Don’t compare yourself to others – Just focus on yourself.  Everyone is different, so never feel self-conscious while working out.



– Kaelyn & Sarah


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