#StudiousSeptember: I’m a Beat Boxing Beast

6 Oct

Through my job as an ASA Peer Mentor, we are challenged to try new things that encourage new college students to explore and learn more about themselves.

For September, we were asked to learn a new skill. Collectively, our new experiences will be referred to as #StudiousSeptember

So what did I pick? I decided to lean about the masterful art of beat boxing!


I’ve always thought beat boxing is an extremely interesting way to make music, and one that not many could do well.

Briana, a fellow ASA Peer Mentor, and I looked up a couple of step-by-step beat boxing videos on YouTube and were instantly surprised with the massive amount of videos readily available on the web. I would have never thought that so many people were pros at beat boxing.

My immediate reaction to the first videos was complete shock.


I had no idea how intense learning how to beat box was. I also had no idea it involved so many different regions of the mouth and neither did I expect the many different techniques emphasized throughout the video. Then the instructor in the video emphasized that the video was actually meant for kids, and that was when we couldn’t help but laugh at the struggle we were facing with this KIDS’ video!


We are two very interesting and complex college students, yet we suffered our way through an instruction video meant for children! We definitely learned that regardless of age or experience, learning something new definitely takes hard work!

After a few videos, and a lot of spitting and stuttering, we managed to get some pretty awesome beats going.


This was a new and crazy experience for me. I had never set out to try something so outgoing. It was my complete mission to understand how to beat box, and although I wouldn’t consider myself a professional, I would at least recommend trying to learn beat boxing to others.

And if beat boxing is not your thing at all — let’s face it, it is your thing– then you should definitely trying learning something, anything, new! It will be a crazy yet thrilling experience, and you will definitely enjoy everything about it!



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