#StudiousSeptember: Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs…

6 Oct

Slimy, quick, and loud. These are just a few words to describe frogs, but each description helps give you an idea of just how disgusting frogs are. I’ve never been an amphibian type of girl and that’s why it was so surprising when I decided to learn how to catch them. I justified it by saying that by learning how to catch them, that’s half of the problem to get rid of them, but the truth is frogs somehow manage to intrigue and gross me out at the same time.

For two and a half hours I continued to give it the good-ole college try…


Turns out I’m completely terrible at catching frogs. None of this ended up mattering as I chose to scare the frogs towards my friends that had better frog-wrangling skills than I do.

Even though I didn’t get to catch one myself, I still had a blast stepping out of the box and learning about frogs. I even got to play in the water. I still think frogs are pretty gross, but they definitely won some cool points after my adventure.


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