#StudiousSeptember Weave a New Skill into Your Life

6 Oct

Arm knitting. Yes, that is the skill I acquired this September. I know it might not be everyone’s interest but this is how I spent some quality time over the weekend.


When it comes to knitting, I do have some past experience. When I was little my mom thought knitting would be a skill I would want later in my life (that desire has yet to surface). I understood the basic stitches but I would never finish a project because it always took so long!

A Quick Note About Arm Knitting

  • It is advertised as a 30 minute project– your first time will take at least double
  • You will feel like you are doing it wrong almost the entire time and once you start feeling confident, it will be time to cast off
  • There are many videos explaining the process– watch a few of them


I this project I learned more than just how to arm knit. Learning something new can be hard or even frustrating but if you keep trying it will turn into something beautiful. It is okay to not be perfect at something in the beginning. When you try something new, it might take you longer than expected or longer than your friends– go at the pace that is right for you.

me in a tree

Good luck my fellow knitters!



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