#StudiousSeptember: The Art of Origami

6 Oct

For our #StudiousSeptember, two of us chose to work together to learn a few different origami folds. We have always been fascinated by this art medium because it is easily accessible; anyone can gather the materials and learn how to create something beautiful. The first few animals we tried to make came out beautifully and gave us confidence to take on more difficult designs.

 IMAG0420  IMAG0412

As the instructions became more elaborate, our execution became less accurate, but our individual determination never weaned. After the third or fourth try making the correct fold became one of the greatest satisfactions of doing origami because it showed that defeat was never an option. In the end, the origamis we are most proud of are the ones that we struggled the most with, like the stingray and shark.



Slowly and deliberately, we checked and double-checked that the edges aligned perfectly before the final crease was made. Each fold in the process must be done with patience and precision to ensure that the final product looks clean and crisp.


This is one of the many reasons origami was our challenge for September. It was equally relaxing as it was stimulating as we focused on what we were doing. In doing this project, we became much more aware of how important it is to take things slow and keep order. While these origami animals are by no means perfect, they represent the time and effort put in, as well as the enjoyment we got out of the task.



– Erika & Ciara

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