Avoiding the Family Weekend Blues

9 Oct

That time of year has once again arrived, Family Weekend is here! The campus is full of life and events as families from all over the country drive or fly in to gain an insight on the University of Arizona college experience. But what happens when your family is unable to come to campus? If you are like me, my family is unable to come to Tucson for Family Weekend, but just because they cannot make the trip does not make the weekend any less special. Here are some suggestions to enjoy Family Weekend , but with a twist.


1. Have lunch with a friend and their family.

Family Weekend is all about having fun and making memories at UA. Do not miss out on this opportunity and ask a friend if you can join them and their family for a nice meal. Last year, my family had to work and could not make the trip, so I spent a day with my best friend and her family. They welcomed me with open arms and by the end of the weekend I felt like I had a second family.

Female friends pillow fight at home in pyjamas, having fun, smiling happy.

2. Have a girl’s/guy’s day with friends.

I was somewhat pleased to find that I was not the only one of my friends whose family could not make it. This created an opportunity for us to spend some time together, go see a movie and have a nice dinner. Although my biological family could not spend the weekend with me, I gained a campus family that I was able to bond with just the same.


3. Allow yourself some rest and relaxation.

Family Weekend is structured to be a weekend to help students have some fun and comfort at a time of the year where stress and tension is high. If you feel the stress of college getting to you take a day to breathe and focus on yourself. Stay in your pajamas all day watching Netflix , order in for dinner, or go to a spa. The semester is speeding up and you deserve some time to yourself.

u of a

4. Join in on the fun!

Family Weekend is all about enjoying what UA has to offer so take advantage of the weekend, there are plenty of events you can still attend!

Have a spectacular Family Weekend!


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