It’s Okay If There’s No Place Like Home!

15 Oct

Being a 3rd year college student, I can confidently say that the majority of us have felt homesick at least once during our college careers (unless you are completely sick of home). Some more than others, especially if their hometown is not where they’re currently attending college, which happens to be the case for myself. I’m originally from Anchorage, Alaska, and I graduated in Scottsdale, Arizona, but here I am in Tucson attending the University of Arizona. And there’s a twist, my mother doesn’t currently reside in Scottsdale or Anchorage. She’s living in Oregon, while my only brother is serving as a linguist in the Air Force in California. So seeing my family are plane tickets away, rather than 2-hour road trips. I probably experienced homesickness the most during my first year at UA, and I still do every now and then. But throughout these past years, I have learned ways to make living away from my family much more bearable.


1) Don’t fret! It’s completely normal!

Being away from your family and home can be scary, and it is scary to a lot of us. Don’t hesitate to talk a friend, a mentor, or even your RA if you’re living on campus because chances are they are either currently feeling the same way or have at one point since they’ve started going to college. You’re not alone! Random-Adventure-Time-gifs-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-32628267-500-282

2) Stay in contact…

Obvious, but very effective. Reserve times during your week to give Mom or Dad a quick call, or send them a quick text before class. Thanks to technology, staying in touch with loved ones can take minutes, if not seconds to say hello, or see how their day is going. But try not to stay too connected because you still want to be able to adjust to being away from your family for long periods of time.


3) Preoccupy yourself…

There can be a plethora of events and activities happening all around college campus. There are tables set up up and down the mall by the Student Union for clubs and organizations to reach out to students, almost on a daily basis. Meeting new people, and being apart of something is a fantastic way to focus your mind on something other than these feelings of homesickness.


4) Focus on school…

This technically falls under preoccupying yourself, but I think that our academics are important enough to deserve its own bulletin point, right? This may not seem like the most “fun” way to get your mind off of feeling homesick, but it really does work! Form study groups, attend those review sessions, and make yourself at home in the library all while cranking out assignment after assignment and essay after essay!


5) Don’t worry…

It gets better! Yet another cliche, but true! Homesickness may be an overwhelming feeling now, but you will adjust! It just takes time, I guarantee it 🙂





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