#OutrageousOctober: All I Want for Halloween Is My Two Front Teeth

20 Oct

Ever heard that saying, “We always want what we can’t have”? Well… this weekend I REALLY wanted my two front teeth. Literally. It all started Friday morning at 6 am. I was casually making breakfast and my morning coffee (while ignoring the puddle of water on my kitchen floor) when suddenly I slipped!

Then I looked in the mirror…


Cracked teeth


My two front teeth were gone! Well cracked in half. My first thought was “Man, how am I going to eat my egg sandwich”!

Eating Sandwich

Okay I might have let out a whimper or two, but I think it’s pretty justified. Missing your two front teeth is quite an  issue. I don’t know about  you guys but I like being able to chew my delicious food!

Luckily, I experienced a similar accident (wait…I’m not so sure that’s actually lucky) when I was younger so I was not feeling any pain. I already knew the drill, so the next thing I did was call my parents.

Boy was my dad happy to hear I had an accident at 6 in the morning.

Father of the bride

You would be surprised at how often we smile and show our teeth. Walking around with what look like a Grumpy Cat face was no fun. I wanted to smile at the young lady who opened the door for me. I did. She was terrified. Then I realized keeping a straight face all the time really tested my comfort zone. Smiling is something I do a lot whether I’m in the mood to or not.

I learned that yes, missing nearly half of your two front teeth is concerning. But like many other issues, it can be fixed. There was no reason for me to lash out and have a nervous break down. My roommates were puzzled at the fact that I continued to laugh at the situation. Accidents happen, remember to control what you can and make the most out of what you learn. In my case that means checking my surroundings.

You are probably all wondering if I am still walking around looking like an underdeveloped vampire. Rest assured I am not!

New teeth

So the next time you happen to crack your two front teeth in half again, (or have any other accident) remember do what you can and handle the situation with a calmed collected mind.




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