#OutrageousOctober: Finding My Person

20 Oct



Being an introvert can be complicated because there are so many little quirks about my personality that others just don’t understand. As an introvert, I prefer to interact in small groups or in one-on-one situations because spending time in large groups for more than an hour makes me feel lost. I’m very intuitive about other people’s emotions and larger groups overwhelm me if I don’t find one or two people to pay attention to. This is the main reason that I decline offers to go out with lots of people – I would rather stay home to read and watch TV instead of getting stuck somewhere I don’t want to be with people that don’t really get me. As soon as I feel comfortable enough to speak, connections are usually made. These connections make me bold enough to share pieces of myself with others. This is what has begun to happen with my roommate Bree.

Bree is an extrovert. She loves meeting new people, socializing, and being the life of the party. I am more of a wall flower. She prefers spending time with others – even if nothing is going on. These are all reasons why we get along so well. She is very different from me, but we are both very much the same…just like Meredith Grey and Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy (which is one of our favorite TV shows). We laugh at the same jokes, watch the same TV shows, get each other’s obscure movie references, and understand each other’s values. We both come from the same hometown and place our families first. Because of all our commonalities, we have become practically inseparable. We walk home together, do homework together, make dinner for each other, watch movies together, laugh together, cry together, make friends together, spend our free time together, and share our deepest secrets with each other. The foundation of our relationship is being there for each other no matter what.

Bree Constantly pushes me outside my comfort zone by taking me to group activities, and I always force her to slow down and recharge her batteries. We are good for each other because we are different. At first it was really unusual for me to have this high energy person throwing off my groove, but then I realized how good it could be for me. She makes me open up and listens to what I have to say instead of blowing me off or making our time together all about her. She asks for my advice and I ask for hers. We have developed a give and take relationship that has benefited us in the past few weeks because it has forced us to grow. She is the Meredith Grey to my Christina Yang. Even though we do so much together,  there are still times when I need to be alone and she respects that, but she also makes sure to check in with me so that  I am not lonely or sad. In one instance, I watched a really sad movie that reduced me to tears, so she made me go to her room and re-watch the movie with me so that I would not be sad alone. It’s the little things like this that show me how much she cares for me. She reminds me that I’m not alone. My #OutrageousOctober was not too extreme, but I learned how to open up to new people and put myself out there. Taking on Bree as my roommate has (somewhat forcefully) taught me how rewarding it can be to bond with someone. Though it is very early in our friendship, I am her person and she is mine.

Here are some of the times we have shared together in the past month:


We made taco salad for dinner…


We watched The Walking Dead…


She helped dye my hair…


 She helped fix my hair for a picture…

IMAG0452 (1)

She did a pretty good job!




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