#OutrageousOctober: My First Dinner Party

21 Oct

This semester marks many firsts for me: my first apartment, my first time living alone, my first time decorating, going food shopping, and more recently, my first time hosting a dinner party. Before moving into my own place, I knew a big part of my future would be having friends over, and of course, making them jealous of my interior designing talents. But that’s not all that’s included in the “new apartment” package. There’s also a lot of entertaining, feeding–you know, being a good host n’ stuff. Somewhere along the line I forgot about how challenging this endeavor would actually be.

Here are a few photos of the meal and overall dining experience:


Here’s a photo of me and the first two arrivals at my apartment:

photo (1)

 Main course: Chicken Masala


Side dishes: Shell pasta with broccoli



Whoops! The stove was extremely hot and the oil from the pan splashed and burned me! The things I do to host…

Oil burn




 For some, the mere idea of  hosting and cooking a meal for eight people in a small apartment is terrifying. But, for #OutrageousOctober I knew it was time to think outside the box and jump out of my comfort zone! In the end, and to my utter surprise, the meal was a complete success (minus the oil burns). There weren’t even any leftovers! Everyone gave me many compliments on the food, and more importantly, my interior designing skills.



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