5 Tips to Stay Safe on Halloween

24 Oct

So it’s your first year tasting college freedom. And boy, you can’t wait to use Halloween as an excuse to celebrate and consume copious amounts of those overpriced Fun-Sized candy bars (I know I can’t)!


But before you you head out for a night of spooky celebration, consider these 5 tips for staying safe:


It is crucial to keep a keen eye on the general setting, no matter if you are going out to celebrate at a party, or are hosting a get-together in your dorm/apartment/house. If you are having guests over, know who is staying, coming, and going. If you are going out, it is best to always have someone else with you, have emergency numbers in contact, and to have a safe means of transport to and from the location. All in all, just be prepared!


You might be thinking how obvious of a suggestion this is, but trust me, the festivities on All Hallows’ Eve can get really serious real quick. If you are going somewhere you are unfamiliar with, pay attention to street signs and parking signs. Be smart. Don’t drink excessively and get sloppy on Halloween night– the police tend to watch college campus activities very closely during this time.


For your own safety and the safety of others around you, don’t drive under the influence. You may not even want to wear a costume that includes props that could be mistaken with a real weapon. It also isn’t the best idea to dress up and pretend to be a cop either. Just don’t be an idiot. Period.



You’re thinking: “Also another given.” But you would be surprised how many people could use a reminder. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Stay away from rowdy, overly crowed areas where people are under the influence. If a fight breaks out at an event you are attending, make sure to steer clear of anything or anyone that could harm you.


Above all, whether you stay home and stuff your face with a bowlful of candy corn or go out for a night on the town in your eeriest ensemble, make sure you’re havin’ some fun!


Happy Halloween!


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