When Halloween is Just Another Day

24 Oct

With all the buzz about Halloween coming up, sometimes people forget that not everyone actually celebrates this holiday. This could be for religious, personal, or other reasons. The worst thing about not celebrating a popular holiday is that while YOU may not celebrate it, chances are a good portion of your friends do. This leaves you in a bit of a predicament. Have no fear, I have some great ideas of what you can do this upcoming Halloween that doesn’t involve getting dressed up, or even leaving the house.

1) Stay in and binge watch Netflix. What could be better than watching all 9 seasons of Supernatural in one day? Watching all 9 seasons of Supernatural AND all 9 seasons of Criminal Minds!!!

Anti-Halloween 1

2) Catch up on your house work. Sometimes throughout the week you let things slide that you normally wouldn’t. Those dishes that have been piling up in the corner? Yeah, it’s time to take care of those…like now.

Anti-Halloween 3

3) Get ahead (or catch up) in your classes. You know how you have to read 300 pages by Tuesday? Why don’t you get started on that this weekend? By breaking the assignment up into smaller chunks, it will seem less daunting and you might actually enjoy it!

Anti-Halloween 2

4) Get ready for Registration! Go to UAccess and add classes into your shopping cart. Registration is just around the corner, and since you have some free time, why not spend it getting ready for next semester?

Anti-Halloween 4

I know that you do these things everyday, but that is the point! This is just another day that someone finds a little bit more important than you do. There is no reason that you should treat this day any differently than the rest.


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