#OutrageousOctober: Date Yo Self

31 Oct

In August, I received a fortune cookie stating “Look forward to a new beginning next month.” Believe it or not, a new beginning happened! After being single for over a year, a sweet boy came into my life. However, a “new ending” happened in early October. So, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go on a date with someone new this month. A blind date.

I decided to make a Tinder profile. Oh, Tinder. The college form of online dating, except not really. “It’s a match!” sounds so exciting! But in reality, it’s not romantic. But I wanted to push myself a bit, and I told myself I’d go on a date with the first guy who asked me.

Now I’m going to explain how things went with this man. Let’s call him… Brent. Brent asked me out on a date within 3 Tinder messages. Strike 1. Can I also just say… it really irks me when people cannot correctly utilize your and you’re. He is one of those people. Strike 2. I decided to try to look past this so I could go on my date. We planned on breakfast. He gave me his phone number on Tinder, so I asked him for his last name. (One second as I explain something about Tinder—this app connects through Facebook. It only tells you the person’s first name, age, and mutual friends. It’s up to the app user to get the last name). After acting sketchy about giving it to me, he finally did, so naturally I decided to stalk him on Facebook. As you are required to connect with Facebook to use Tinder, I should have been able to find this guy. When I couldn’t find him, I realized he probably gave me a fake name. Strike 3. While texting, he did not care to even get basic background information from a stranger he was taking on a date. He was only creepily insistent on planning and figuring out exactly when our date would be. Strike 4. I decided to keep playing along, and we came up with Saturday at 10 AM—a time my roommate said she was free in case I needed an excuse to leave. On Friday, he texted me giving me the location of where he wanted to go: The Good Egg. The Good Egg is 20 minutes away from the University. How many other breakfast places are near UA? Wilko, Rincon Market, Denny’s, Bobo’s; any within a mere couple mile radius of school. Strike 5. I was super sketched out at this point and apologized that another commitment came up.



What did I decide to do instead on Saturday? Something still outside of my comfort zone. I drove up to Mount Lemmon by myself. I sat on top of a very large rock for a couple hours, watching the city and the clouds move across the sky, all while people watching. I awaited the sunset, which was very worth the wait.



Check out this cool picture I snapped as I was walking back to my car. A few days later, when I was looking at the pictures I took from that afternoon, I discovered that I caught a really beautiful moment on camera. Check out the love going on in the bottom left of the picture.


What started as an attempt to meet someone new and go on a breakfast date turned into a relaxing, beautiful day spent with myself. I may be being dramatic, but who knows what would have happened instead if I went on the date with the creepy, pushy Brent from Tinder. So, thank you, Tinder, for a nice, independent journey full of nature and pretty colors.


Isn’t life just ravishing? 🙂



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