#OutrageousOctober: Something Old, Something New at Biosphere 2

31 Oct

What happens when you give two friends the opportunity to run loose in the Biosphere 2? Lucero and Ciara made the adventure through Biosphere 2’s Discovery Nights and compared their fun experiences for Outrageous October!

Oldie Perspective

As a person who feels quite comfortable in the Biosphere-having spent about a week there for a summer course – returning was very nostalgic. I was flooded with memories of my first time exploring the facility, learning its importance, being so intrigued by the engineering and effort put into making this place one of a kind. Plus, I always feel like I am on the set of my fave movie: BIODOME!!! Which I guess I am…since parts of the movie were filmed at Biosphere 2.

I was so excited to bring Lucero along as well.  As I drove along Oracle, I was deep in thought, planning on what areas of the Biosphere 2 I wanted to make sure we saw. Once we we parked, the fun began.

I felt like we were little kids gearing up for  a great adventure. We had our smiles on and an open mind as we walked through the area.

One of our first stops was to a few of the reptile tables that were set up inside of the building. Now I know that these tables were probably intended for little kids but I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love snakes so I immediately took the opportunity to hold one. However, Lucero was not as comfortable with the opportunity as I was.



But then, things got interesting. The guy at the table had this box with MY name on it! Freaky…What was inside the box you wonder? A really tough looking Gila monster.

20141018_183739Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.20.02 PM

We walked through what felt like every inch of the Biosphere 2. Towards the end, I realized that even though I had been here before, everything felt brand new.Without detailing all of our encounters (especially with those pesky cockroaches and creepy crawlers) I had so much fun the second time around. It made me appreciate how you can make any experience new and exciting by bringing along good vibes and awesome friends. I challenge all of you to make new memories with the people you care about and bring out your inner kid!

Newbie Perspective

For this adventure, I took on the role of the newbie—inexperienced, unaware of what is to come, unprepared. In my defense, I was the best newbie partner EVER and I’m sure Ciara would agree (maybe)!

The excitement began right off the bat. I jumped in the car looking ready to head to the beach.

Mistake #1: I was wearing shorts to a location where it would be cold and infested with mosquitos and bugs. Mistake #2: I hadn’t brought a sweater. Luckily, Ciara had my back and lend me a sweater, which I managed to have difficulties with. Look for yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.23.19 PM

Struggle bus from early on!

As the adventure continued on, I discovered that what I thought would be a drag of a ride (I was so excited and impatient) turned out to be a most memorable venture! The mountains, clouds, and wind in my hair… the perfect combination for any drive. I might have gone picture crazy since I took a numerous amount of pictures in this short 40-minute drive. From the many, I caught the most beautiful sunset picture:


So worth it!

After a million pictures and me annoying Ciara with “Almost there?” statements, we had arrived at Biosphere 2.

After about 3 hours of exploration, I managed to take away from the experience the following:

1. I have a keen sense of smell when it comes to squids! I can smell them a mile away… Ciara can confirm this.


2. Sea urchins (the not poisonous kind) aren’t as scary as I thought them to be. We became instant friends!


3. Biosphere 2 has massive scales that hold volcanic material that undergo different manipulated environments… or something like that.

4. Snakes are and will continue to be scary. Enough said.

5. I’m like a little kid when I’m in a new place!


6. Cockroaches will rule the world! (The amount of cockroaches at Biosphere 2 is insane!)


7. Any experience can be the best experience when shared with an AMAZING person!

My experience at Biosphere 2 was definitely outrageously fun!

-Ciara and Lucero

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