#OutrageousOctober: Talking About Ghosts

31 Oct

I’m a part of a student organization that puts on events for students and alumni of the university. Each year, we host the “Ghosts of the UA” tour. This event has tour guides who take people around campus, stopping at specific areas where murders and ghost sightings have taken place.  When I signed up to be a tour guide, I was excited and could not wait to tell these awesome stories. However, when it came to the night when I actually had to give the tours, I was terrified.

I had received the script two weeks prior and it was pages and pages of information that I had to memorize. There were tons of dates, different names, and locations to talk about. What if I messed up a date? What if I couldn’t remember what happened next in the story? Then, a few days later, we were told that 350 people were signed up to take the tour. We were expecting somewhere around 100. Now, I was even more nervous, because if I messed up, it would be in front of more than three hundred people. THREE HUNDRED.

Throughout the night, I told stories to four different groups of people. Each group had about 60 or 70 people. With the first group, I stumbled on words and accidentally skipped some parts of the story… but I hadn’t messed up terribly, so I considered it a victory! The second round of tourists was more nerve-racking because they were all students. I’m not sure what it is, but there is always something scarier about presenting in front of your peers.

ghost tours 2At the end of the tour for the second group, they clapped for me! They actually clapped! As silly as it sounds, this was so relieving. Some of the tourists even thanked me for doing a good job. After that, the rest of the tours went smoothly because my nerves were finally gone. At the end of the night, I was proud of myself for fighting through the nerves and being able to share stories about UA’s creepy past.

ghost tours





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