Stay True to the Tradition: Wildcat Style!

3 Nov

The University of Arizona has many traditions that lie deep in the heart of any real Wildcat! From the lighting of ‘A’ Mountain to the singing of Bear Down, traditions here are part of the Wildcat experience. Here are our favorite traditions:

Houston- Singing Bear Down after every touchdown at Football Games.

Laura- Learning the true meaning of Bear Down.

Zuri- Jingling keys at the UA home football games.

Erica- Attending Homecoming events.


Serena- Club Olympics during Homecoming week is my favorite, especially the mud tug of war!


Andrea- My favorite UA tradition is Spring Fling! It is the largest student-run carnival in the nation!


Elysia- The ringing of the bell in the Union. They ring it after every home game, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, September 11th every year, etc. It’s a replica of the one that sunk with the USS Arizona. So cool that we have it here on campus!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.23.32 PM

Julian- Taking first & last day of school pictures around campus.


Sarah- Buying  little Wildcat/UA apparel and onesies for babies.


Kaelyn- My favorite UA tradition story is the love story of Wilbur and Wilma.  Costume designers created Wilma when they were trying to think of another outfit for Wilbur.  Wilma was first presented on March 1, 1986 when she was apparently on a blind date with Wilbur.  They married on November 21, 1986 (AWWWW). Then in 2006, Wilbur and Wilma renewed their vows on their 20th wedding anniversary! Is this not the cutest picture ever…



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