#OutrageousOctober: Face your Fears!

4 Nov

Up until this past weekend, I had never seen a horror movie in my life! (Gasp!) The reason is because I am easily scared, traumatized really, by anything and everything. For example, I can’t sleep in the dark, my closet doors must be closed at ALL times, and silence also terrifies me! I came to the conclusion that at 20 years old, I should be able to face my fears and watch a horror film. I settled with Insidious 2, which is streaming on Netflix by the way. I shut off the lights, sat on my couch, and after about 15 minutes of anticipation…I finally hit play.

DUN, Dun, dun!

If you ask me to recall certain scenes from the movie, I may not be able to do that simply because I had my eyes shut for most of the movie. Give me some credit though! I pushed myself to sit through the whole thing! It was a unique experience; my heart wanted to beat its way out of my chest, I couldn’t seem to control my feet since they were shaking without my consent, and the adrenaline rush was making me sweat. Nevertheless, it was outrageous!


Life throws unexpected things our way and although it may seem scary and out of our comfort zone, we have to confront it sooner or later. So, next time you feel like you can’t do something, think about how I forced myself to sit through a scary movie…and survived!

-Becky M.

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