#OutrageousOctober: Finding the Right Connections

4 Nov

Doing something to get out your comfort zone may seem pretty simple to some people, but only you can determine that.

 I am a junior at the University of Arizona I am in the process of trying to figure out my career path and where I will like to get an internship at for next semester. Here are the steps I took in order to figure this out….

Step 1: Research organizations, job titles, places till you find multiple places that interest you.

Step 2: Reach out that organization, company or place that you found interesting.

But what do you say? This is something I struggled with for days. In the end, I went with this:


Step 3: Keep email short and simple because the person you are reaching out to is busy and may not have time to a read a really long email.

Step 4: Never email multiple people from the company until you get a response back – it’s obnoxious and doesn’t make a good first impression.

Step 5: DO NOT stop reaching out to people until you find what you’re looking for!

Nothing you want in life is going to be handed to you; you must go out of your way and get out your comfort zone if you want to fulfill your dreams. This is one of the main things I learned by reaching out to different people in order to find an internship.

Never give up!



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