#OutrageousOctober: The Mad Hatter

4 Nov

For #OutrageousOctober I decided to go where I have never gone before…to the fabric and crafts store. I decided to make my own Halloween costume, which is outrageous for me because I am just not a crafty person. I was planning on being Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers (if you’ve never seen the show, it’s on Netflix and you can thank me later). So this is her and the hat that I would be attempting to make from scratch.

Just some cute pink bunny ears. I found a pattern and instructions online and headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics. There were so many pink fleece fabrics to choose from, I was overwhelmed. But I made my selection, and headed home to get it all done.

IMG_3744IMG_3745 (1)

The cutting took way longer than I had planned (the kitty cat distracted me a lot which might be why) so I had to postpone the sewing for another couple of days…which in total took about four hours to do itself. But! It all paid off when I finally got it all done.


Now this is only half of it, flipped inside out. It was a long process, but I actually had a lot of fun. Making something myself to wear (and get lots of compliments on) was really fulfilling. The effort and time put in was all worth it when a girl at my job told me I was her hero while wearing the ears. It was awesome. I just wish it was socially acceptable to wear these all the time…




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