Living Long and Prospering After Registration

14 Nov

Picking classes is pretty difficult. You have to find the class you want/need at a time you can manage, and hopefully with a professor you get along with. You then have to do this 5 more times with other classes and hope that they all line up! Managing this is enough to upset anyone, even Spock! Fortunately, after all of the madness, you get a perfect schedule that will allow just enough time to get from Social Sciences to Harvill without dying…or do you?

Spock 5

More often than not, students change their schedules after the initial registration week. Why you ask? Well, things come up. Some of those things are: getting a job, finding a better class/class time, changing a major. All of these things could cause a change in your “perfect” schedule, but an important thing to remember is to NOT freak out! Remember to practice the Vulcan ritual of kolinahr to keep calm!

Spock 4


Change happens all the time, and as a college student, knowing how to adapt could save your butt. Now that you have your first registration week under your belt, you’re a pro at registering for classes! Just take the skills you used during registration week and find that new perfect schedule.

Spock 6


Remember that registering for classes is the fun part! And as Spock says “Live long and prosper”.

Spock 2– Christine



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