Conquering Time Management: A Personal Success Story

21 Nov

Some people think taking on 19 credit hours, a year long internship, as well as juggling a job 5 days a week is an impossible endeavor. How could you possibly have the time to do all that? How could I possibly manage my time well enough to actually succeed in all my classes, my internship, and a paying job? In all honesty, there is no easy way or secret formula–it’s all about mastering my time management skills.


Trust me, this took many years of practice and self discipline, but I can most certainly say that I would not be as successful as I am in college without this vital skill. I always had the drive to push myself and allow myself to utilize my time to the fullest and in the most efficient manner.


For me, time-management has never merely been about planning or keeping a planner (aka my holy book), but it’s about personal drive, a vision, and goals. I challenge myself periodically and take the process of self-improvement head on. It’s what encourages me to get out of bed in the morning really–the idea that I, as an independent young thinker and doer, have the power to make the things I want in my life happen for myself–it gives me the feeling of ultimate accomplishment.


Indeed, I am a bit of an overachiever, even a micromanaging perfectionist if you will, but these harrowing traits of mine have always led me to maximizing my chances for success in higher education and the future. In the end, I can proudly say that I successfully maintain a 4.0 GPA, give quality analyses within my internship, and exhibit a positive and attentive attitude in the workplace.


~Leylah Hadrovic

Sophomore, ASA Peer Mentor


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