Tips & Tricks: Time Management

21 Nov

As college students, we’re busy. Today, I have work, two club meetings, three classes, a review session, and an exam tomorrow. We’re juggling jobs, family, clubs, social life, classes, paying bills… The list could go on forever. Having a strong set of time management skills is a large factor in being successful in college. Whether you think you’re a pro at time management or you’re riding the time management struggle bus, we all have room for improvement.

I went around the office and asked your peer mentors to share some tips and tricks for what they do to keep themselves on track during their busy lives. Hopefully, you’ll learn some new techniques that you can use in your life!

Google Calendar:

Jasmine – In order to manage my time, I put all of my time commitments into my Google calendar. This helps me because I am able to see when I have free time and what time would be best to study or do homework. Also,I can see if I’m free to attend study sessions with just a quick glance. Without my Google calendar I would be lost as a student.

Briana – My favorite part about using Google calendar is that I’m able to color code my schedule. My classes are blue, club meetings are purple, and work is red. I’m able to see quickly, just based off of the colors, a general overview of what my day will entail. Also, I set up reminders before each event and receive a notification on my phone. I never forget events! Here’s a screen shot of my Google calendar:



To-Do Lists:

Erica – I like to make to-do lists on sticky notes, and cross things off as I accomplish them! My planner is also my biggest life saver and time management tool!

Planning Ahead:

Kaelyn – The best tool for my time management is ThinkTank’s “Semester on a Page”.  I am able to write down all of my exam dates, essay due dates, club meetings, and events for the entire semester.  It helps me see when my busy weeks are, and when my down weeks are so I can plan social events around them.  My life also revolves around sticky notes.  I stick them everywhere, from my binder to my bathroom mirror to my phone.  Sticky notes help keep me on track for what I need to accomplish that day. I would be lost without them.


Maddie – I manage my time with my handy planner and a large wall calendar. After completing each task, I cross it off and move on to the next one. I like having a large calendar on my wall to use as a quick reference when I want to know the date or the time and place of an event. Like Kaelyn, I also use sticky notes. Those can be a bit pricey sometimes, so when the wallet’s tight, I just cut out pieces of paper.

Christine – As soon as I get my syllabi for my classes, I go through my large wall calendar and write my assignments, my exam dates, readings that are due, and days that I know I have off. I then color code them so at a glance I can see 3 orange marks which means I have a lot of reading to do tomorrow. Seeing this helps me prioritize my assignments. Also, when I get home every day I take ten minutes to clean my room and relax. After that, I do my homework until I am done otherwise I will get distracted.

Briana – You can also trying making an “assignment list”. Similar to Christine, I take my syllabi at the beginning of the semester and type every assignment, exam, discussion, etc. that is due. Every Sunday or Monday, I take a quick glance at my sheet to see what assignments are due that week, because nothing is worse than walking into class, seeing people turn in papers, and thinking, “WE HAVE SOMETHING DUE TODAY?!”




Find out how to make this assignment sheet here.

Other Tips:

Leylah – Set small goals for yourself! When you have a big goal that is going to take a long time to complete, it can be really discouraging. It may seem like it will never be accomplished because of the length of time it would take. Instead, try setting small goals that will eventually lead you to your big goal!

Briana – I’m usually a very busy person. When I think of all the things to complete on my to-do list, I get very overwhelmed, which makes me less productive. To fight this, every morning I wake up and ask “What are my top three priorities today?” It doesn’t mean that those will be the only three things that will get done that day, but it means that I can focus on something specific, which relieves a lot of my stress.

Trying to master my time management skills has definitely been a journey throughout my time in college. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll join me in my journey to becoming a time management ninja. Remember, you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. You can do it!




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