My November to Remember: A Mini College Thanksgiving

24 Nov

Everyone knows that by the time Halloween ends and November rolls around, we all start unbuttoning our jeans (erm, perhaps even start tipping the scales) for the holiday season. Along with some college friends and roommates, I decided to make my #NovembertoRemember about my very first potluck gathering.

This all came about when a friend of mine had the idea to have a pre-Thanksgiving gathering on Veteran’s Day with all our friends since everyone would be apart for the actual holiday. I’ll tell ya– this was a most yummy and fantastic idea indeed!


Being one of few of my friends with experience in the kitchen, I provided two of the main dishes: Meatballs, and Pasta with broccoli and broccoli sauce. I also made a fairly large Mediterranean salad, and chocolate chip pumpkin bread from scratch!


Others brought foods like: Chili, baked biscuits, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, and snowball walnut-chocolate chip cookies.




At the end of evenings all our tummies were beyond full, and we had a wonderful feast!



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