#November to Remember: Dinner Party for 20

24 Nov

Over the semester, my roommate and I have become extremely close – we spend most of our free time together just hanging out. This November we were so excited to spend her birthday together for the first time. Bree is a really outgoing and energetic person that makes friends everywhere she goes, but I was still taken aback when she told me that she had invited 20 people to her birthday dinner. I am a pretty reserved person that functions best in small groups, so learning that I would be sharing Bree with 19 other people on her birthday felt like a daunting task.

When she showed me her invitation list, I was extremely relieved to find 12 very familiar names. This helped put me at ease, but it was still unclear how we were going to find a restaurant to accommodate a party that big, outside of Peter Piper. So we set out trying to find the perfect place. Bree had held her dinner party at the Cheesecake Factory the year before and loved it there, but since a few people, including Bree and myself, did not have cars, it was ruled out. We then started looking into places along the street car line like the Playground and Proper. Unfortunately, those places could not find adequate space for us, and so we had to move on.

The last place we looked into was the Hub, and Bree loved it immediately. The atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for. It was lively, but not too loud, the lighting was gorgeous, the menu perfect, and we were able to reserve enough seats for everyone. It was nice to find a place that met all of our requirements, but I was still nervous about being in a group that large. Seeing everyone arrive was an interesting experience. Everyone was so excited to see Bree and ready to have an awesome night. A lot of the people were not new to me so it was fun to see them and catch up. The seating arrangement was a bit confusing, but it was really entertaining to sit down with everyone and talk. Everyone was happy, friendly, talkative and excited to be there. This really helped me get over my social anxiety and feel comfortable talking with everyone.

The dinner itself was amazing. I had never eaten at the Hub and it was a real treat for me. The staff was so organized and very accommodating to our large group. I was able to talk to new people and also hang out with people I’ve known for  years. Bree had a blast and it was amazing to see how much everyone cared for her. One of the best moments was when we all sang Happy Birthday to her. I really enjoyed being with this large group of friends and feeling completely at home. Most of the time it’s difficult for me to be comfortable in theses social situations, but everyone was so nice and thoughtful that it was easy to be myself and interact. This was definitely an experience that I will remember for a long time to come.



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