#NovemberToRemember: Homecoming 100

24 Nov

Homecoming week has always been one of my favorite celebrations of the year. I love being able to meet other Wildcats who graduated anywhere from one year ago to fifty years ago. Hearing about traditions they celebrated as students and that we continue to celebrate today, I’m reminded that every person who has attended our great university is a part of our wildcat family.

Since my freshman year, I have been involved in a club that is heavily involved with the homecoming festivities. We host the Lighting of A Mountain, meet incredible UA graduates at the Alumni of the Year ceremony, participate in Club Olympics, and have a great time at the homecoming football game. Homecoming week has been a great tradition in my college experience. This year, however, we celebrated the 100th homecoming! I was sure it would be bigger than ever and I created the best memories throughout the week.

Lighting of A Mountain

My club hosts this event every year on the Sunday before homecoming. As a kickoff to homecoming week, UA students, alumni, and fans gather on the roof of Main Gate garage for free food, music, and some good ole school spirit. As the sun goes down, we watch the ‘A’ on A mountain light up with flares. The A glows red for a few hours and homecoming week officially begins! Doesn’t it look super awesome?!

Lighting 3


Look at how cute my friends and I are in our spiffy polos, too:

Lighting E Board Lighting 2




Club Olympics

If you don’t know about Club Olympics, let me just say that it’s a perfect combination of intensity, competition, and fun. A bunch of clubs on campus participate over a three-day period and play a series of games, including a hot dog eating contest, racing on inflatable obstacle courses, and (best of all) a mud tug-of-war.

I don’t think my club has ever even placed, but we always win at least a game or two and we definitely have fun every year! If I’m not playing in the game, I’m yelling as loud as I can to cheer on my club. Here’s this ridiculous picture of me as proof.

Club Olympics


The most intense game is the mud tug-of-war. This happens on the third day, so it’s the last chance for the clubs to give our all. The mud pit is higher than everyone’s ankles and anyone within a three-foot radius is sure to be covered in dirt afterward. My club made it all the way to the semi-finals, but that’s where we lost. It’s okay though, because we were definitely strong competition!

Club Olympics 2



Bonfire & Football Game

Friday night, a few of my friends and I went to the bonfire outside of Old Main. I was super excited about this event because we weren’t able to have a bonfire last year due to the construction around Old Main. It was my first bonfire and it didn’t disappoint. I’m a bit of a pyromaniac and I had never seen a fire that big, so I was amazed!



Saturday morning was an early one for the club. We helped with tent set-up on the mall, volunteered at the alumni membership tent, and had a float in the homecoming parade. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help with building the float this year, but I still want to use this space to brag about the fact that we got first place! My fellow club members worked hard all homecoming week to make it happen and I am incredibly proud of their work!

floatAfter our hectic week, we were excited that it was finally time for the football game! We played against Colorado and came out victorious. I had a great time cheering on our team with the friends I love.




Homecoming 100 was better than I could have ever expected. Celebrating UA tradition is my favorite thing to do and I was able to do it all week long! Constantly being around my friends and alumni throughout the week made me happy. This homecoming week was definitely one to remember and I cannot wait for my last homecoming as a student next year!



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