#NovembertoRemember: My Last Act

24 Nov

Hi everyone! As it is my last year as a Wildcat, and with my senior year soon coming to a close, I thought that it would be a cool idea to print pictures of significant memories I’ve had in my 4 years and hide them around campus. Now, I won’t tell you where I’ve hidden them, as they are a secret, but I hope that once I come back as an alumni, I am able to find these pictures again and reflect on some of the best years of my life. You only have a limited amount of time here, so I suggest you make the most of it!


I chose this picture to describe my first 2 years of college. Coming to college, I knew a few people from high school that attended the U of A, but with such a huge campus and living in the dorms, I knew that I had to meet new people. College has forced me to come out of my shell and because I took that first step, I met my current roommates (which conveniently lived right across the hall from me). Being so shy and quiet, it was difficult to put myself out there and make friends, but I’m glad I did because it has helped pave the way towards meeting my lifelong friends.

979950_635881483102053_117120052_o (1)

This picture directly describes my time with the Filipino American Student Association. I started off being hesitant in joining the organization, but once I did, I was able to find my “home away from home.” My love for the club began with the Friendship Games, and through this I was able to eventually hold a position on the executive board. It was only right that I ended my time with them with my last Friendship Games with them this past October. Additionally, through this experience, I was able to expand my involvement in the Asian community by becoming a member of the Student Board of Directors of Asian Pacific American Student Affairs, the Asian American cultural center on campus. With this leadership position, I am able to spread more awareness of social injustices and become a louder voice on campus.


This picture makes me smile because I think of my FASA fam. In my club, we have a big/little programs, except we call each other “ate,” or “big sister,” and “ading,” or “little sibling.” We couldn’t have made a better match in my family because of our similar personalities and academic interests. Although our schedules are always so busy, my littles still make time to support me when I need them and I always support them also. When we’re together, it’s almost like no time was spent apart.

RA Goofy

I never had the opportunity to participate in the New Start Summer Program as a freshman, but I did have the honor to work for the summer bridge program as a resident assistant this past summer. It was probably the most fulfilling summer that I have had to date, being able to work with students in their transition from high school to college. I was happy to be the first face that greeted them and hopefully, a face that was able to help them make that first connection to the school. Although the program was short, my job allowed me to work closely in building a community with my RA staff. Since we all became so close, we were able to support each other and contribute to the program’s success.

For my last picture, I haven’t taken it yet. I hope to take a picture with my cap and gown in front of Old Main, as it will be the perfect end to my time here. However, as they all say, “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat. Wildcat for life!” Time goes by fast, so you should make sure you take time to make your own #NovembertoRemember. 🙂


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