#NovemberToRemember: Tailgating for Homecoming

24 Nov

This year my friends wanted to do something we have never done before. Since my friend Sami’s 21st Birthday was just around the corner, we decided to plan a big tailgate on the UA Mall for the Homecoming game.  We wanted to be right where all the action was happening, like the famous UA Homecoming Parade. My friends and I knew it would take a lot of hard work and effort, but we were ready to take on the challenge and make this a #NovemberToRemember. I knew that planning a tailgate on the mall would be a college memory I’d always cherish.

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The day before the big game/tailgate, my friends and I spent hours buying chips, dip, desserts, sodas, and utensils at Costco.  On the actual day of the game, my friend Sami and I woke up at 7 in the morning (on a Saturday mind you) to reserve a spot on the mall since we didn’t have a tailgating license. I would say sitting and waiting so early in the morning was the worst part. After we finally got our designated spot on the lawn, we began to haul all the food, tables, and a canopy. Although we made the boys do all the heavy lifting, boy did we get a good workout!

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Around 1pm, the pizza and garlic knots from Brooklyn were delivered. It smelled delcious! Around 1pm, the rest of our friends joined us and we began to dig in! The food was amazing, and there was SO MUCH! Not only was the food and company satisfactory, but the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was around 70 degrees, with a slight warm breeze! As we were relaxing and enjoying our cold sodas, we also began to play music on the big speakers. I could tell that everyone around us was a tad bit jealous with their little coolers and lawn chairs!

Around 4pm, the parade started! I had seen the homecoming parade in the past- but never with such a view. My friends and I looked at each other so happily because we knew that all the hard work as far as planning and setting up was worth it! This month was definitely one for the books! If you get a chance to plan a tailgate on the mall, I would definitely recommend it. There’s so much going on and so much liveliness! We were all definitely feeling the school spirit! #BEARDOWN

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-Erica Shroff

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